Light Indigo is a guild in Elder Tale that has ties to the Wolves of Mibu.[1]


Little is known about Light Indigo, and Vuorinen calls it an "unknown guild"[2]. Tetora calls it a "holding place", and, after being questioned by Naotsugu, continues on to say that they "exist to protect the homes in everyone's heart." She also mentions, perhaps in reference to Plant Hwyaden and the situation in Minami, that the members of the guild are unsure of what to do.

Since Plant Hwyaden is in control of Minami and Nakasu, taking over as the sole guild in both Player Cities, it is likely that Light Indigo originated from one of the two cities and fled rather than join, and now oppose the massive guild.


Name Rank Class Status
Tetora Former Member Cleric Active (left to join Log Horizon)


  1. "It is important to protect our home. It is important for us wolves." -Log Horizon light novel: Volume 7, Chapter 2
  2. Log Horizon light novel: Volume 7, Chapter 2


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