Liliana (リリアナ) is a female Elf Druid-Tailor[1] and the Production Team leader in the Crescent Moon Alliance.

Her birthday is October 12.[1]



Liliana is a young woman with long, dark hair and eyes. She is of the elf race.


Unlike most of the other members of her guild, Liliana has little interest in battle and is ill-suited for fighting on the battlefield, which is exemplified by her preference for showy, rather than practical, clothing. Her hobby—and now occupation—is designing clothing.[2]


Saving Serara arcEdit

While Shiroe's Party was en route to save Serara, Liliana retrieves her guild master when the attendees of the small guild alliance conference arrived.


  • Liliana designed and sewed the Crescent Moon Refreshment Stand uniforms and the outfits for the Libra Festival fashion show.[2]
  • Because of Maryelle's recommendations to Elissa and Rayneshia, Liliana's clothes have been on display frequently at the Watermaple Consulate; as a result, Liliana has started establishing a name for herself among Landers.[2]


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