Ling Xiangfeng (Chinese reading of 鈴香鳳; also spelled as Rin Shanfen based on the Japanese katakana pronunciation of her name), also known as the "White Blade" (白翼姫), is one of the Ancients and a member of the Jade Knight Order, the Chinese server's Chivalric Order. She is as famous as Elias Hackblade, an Ancient from the Western European server.


Ling Xiangfeng has long, azure-blue hair tied back in a braid, and a slender physique that does not reflect her immense strength. Her outfit consists of a Chinese-style dress with a long slit up the side of her leg, and on top of it she wears silver armor. Her clothes are designed for mobility.[1]



Prior to the Catastrophe

According to her in-game backstory, Ling Xiangfeng is on a quest to avenge her father's death.

The Catastrophe

Just before the Catastrophe hit, many Ancients of the Thirteen Chivalric Orders banded together to fight off "a great destruction [that] was approaching Theldesia," which took the form of the Genius monsters that were being sealed in the Fortress of Destruction. Because the seal was coming undone, they planned to rush the enemy when the seal broke and catch them off-guard. However, the Ancients themselves were ambushed when the seal somehow broke eight hours early, and the Genius utilized their "words of death" to drive the Ancients into insanity and then death.

Ling Xiangfeng was likely among the Ancients who took part in the failed siege. As her status has not been detailed in the light novels, it is likely that she was defeated at some point.


  • Atlas Fragment: A huge war hammer that doesn't fit her physique.

She rides atop a Pegasus, which is her favorite steed.


  • Her name is translated as Ling Tiangfeng in the Yen On translation of the novels, though the middle character of her name (香) does not make a "T" sound at all.
  • Ling may be a reference to several aspects of the Fire Emblem series.
    • Her name, when written in katakana (リン), is the same as Lyn's, one of the main lords of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. Lyn is partially motivated to avenge her family after they were murdered by bandits, much like how Ling is trying to avenge her father. The two also have similar attire; Ling is describe as wearing a Chinese-style dress with a long slit down the side of her leg, while Lyn's attire is based on Mongolian attire and features slits on both sides that show off her legs.
    • Ling also rides atop a pegasus, and one of her tags in the Log Horizon Database is Pegasus Knight, which is the name of a class that appears in every single Fire Emblem game to date.