A list of accessories in Log Horizon: New Adventure Land.

Aside from providing additional stat bonuses, some accessories also unlock Subclasses for your avatar to use. Equipping a subclass grants your avatar an additional Skill, whose effect will vary.



Image Name Description Subclass Added
Fishing Pole Special Effect: Increase everyone's max HP by 4%. Fisherman[Hook Up: Draw the Hate of one target by luring them in with your fishing pole. 9-turn cooldown.]

Super RareEdit

Image Name Description Subclass Added
SR Blue Mirage Blue Mirage A unique item that cannot be found in the market, said to be able to read the future. Some noblemen have waged war in search of this object. Fortune Teller[All Has Been Foreseen: By seeing the future, avoid damage for one turn and raise your speed. 12-turn cooldown.]
Fairy's Belt Fencing Master[Regardless of your weapon, deal thunder-attribute damage to one target. 9-turn cooldown.]
Kimagure Compass A magical compass that points you towards the right direction when you're lost. It can't be used as a regular compass, though. Surveyor[Fixed Point Measurement: For one turn, drastically reduce the target's Defense. 9-turn cooldown.]
SR Heliotrope Hairpin Heliotrope Hairpin In the language of flowers, the heliotrope stands for "loyalty." It is the hair ornament of a young lady who has fallen in love with and pines after her companion. Attendant[Pledge of Oath: Declare your oath, and your attack power raises greatly on the next turn. 12-turn cooldown.]

Legendary RareEdit

Image Name Description Subclass Added
LR Silver Lion Masou Silver Lion Masou An epaulette modeled after the legendary lion that saved a patriotic hero. It draws out the user's subconscious raw potential. It's a lot lighter than it looks. Guardian[Prayer of Pure Defense: For one turn, halve the damage received by all allies. 10-turn cooldown.]

Ultra RareEdit

Image Name Description Subclass Added
UR accessory Resurrection Necklace Resurrection Necklace A necklace created for the prayer of lost souls to the gods. With the power of the prayer, the souls may return to life. Jeweler[For two turns, the targeted ally will hit twice when using a normal attack. 15-turn cooldown.]

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