Log Horizon (記録の地平線 Kiroku no Chiheisen) is a small, but very powerful guild in Elder Tale that was formed after the Catastrophe. It is also the organizer of the Round Table Alliance and one of the alliance's 11 member guilds.

Overview Edit

It was founded by Shiroe who, prior to the Catastrophe, had avoided joining any guilds despite numerous invitations and offers. After discovering that both Tohya and Minori, along with 33 other beginners, were being enslaved by the Hamelin, he decided that the best way to help Tohya and Minori as well as his friends Naotsugu, Akatsuki, and Nyanta in the post-catastrophe world was to form his own guild. With a small push from Nyanta, he founded Log Horizon with his former party members and new friends as co-founders.

After establishing the Round Table Alliance, both Tohya and Minori joined Log Horizon, although they partied with Serara, Isuzu, and Rundelhous Code during and after the Summer Training Camp. During the Return of the Goblin King event, however, Rundelhous sacrificed himself to protect the party in exchange for his life. To prevent forever losing him, Shiroe created a contract with Rundelhous to join the guild and to give him the Adventurer subclass forcefully, allowing him to resurrect at the Cathedral. Since Isuzu was close to Rundelhous, she decided to join Log Horizon as well. Although Nyanta invited Serara to come along, she turned down the offer due to her strong commitment to Crescent Moon Alliance.

Later on, Shiroe and Naotsugu go to Susukino to employ Silver Sword's aid in completing a raid. They were accompanied by Demiqas and Tetora, an Adventurer from Minami who was sent on Kazuhiko's orders. Following the mission, Tetora decides to join Log Horizon as its Cleric.


Though Log Horizon has a relatively small number of members, half of them are veteran and experienced players, with three from the infamous Debauchery Tea Party: Shiroe, Naotsugu, and Nyanta. While Akatsuki had doubts about her own strength, her guildmates and powerful players like Soujiro Seta and Rieze have recognized her competence. Tetora was recommended to Shiroe by Kazuhiko and was very helpful during the raid in the Abyssal Shaft. Their true strength is their ability to work together.

The guild also has tremendous political influence as the guild that was instrumental in forming the Round Table Alliance and a standing member of the alliance.

While low leveled, Tohya, Minori, Rudy, and Isuzu are considered strong for players of their level, little doubt because of their cohesiveness.


There will be a total of 12 members in Log Horizon—one of each class.[1] As of volume 13, eleven of the twelve classes have been accounted for.

Name Rank Class Status
Shiroe Guild Master
Enchanter Active
Naotsugu Co-founder Guardian Active
Akatsuki Co-founder Assassin Active
Nyanta Head Chef
Swashbuckler Active
Minori Member Kannagi Active
Tohya Member Samurai Active
Rundelhous Code Member Sorcerer Active
Isuzu Member Bard Active
Tetora Member Cleric Active
Lelia Mofur Member Monk Active
Litka Mofur Member Druid Active

Guild BaseEdit

Log Horizon Guild Base

Guild base map (as of volume 5)

After purchasing the guild house building allowing him to form the Round Table Council, and disbanding Hamelin, Shiroe decided to purchase a brick building in the outskirt of Akihabara close to the north border of the city zone as their guild base. Half of the reasons is that he may be involved in a series of grand events and discussions in the near future, thereby needing a spacious, flexible building.

There are 6 floors and 1 basement level. According to the guild base map on the right-hand side, each area is allocated as the following:

  1. Bathroom
  2. Restroom
  3. Shiroe's room ("guild office")
  4. Nyanta's room
  5. Minori's room
  6. Tohya's room
  7. Kitchen
  8. Dining room
  9. Wooden deck
  10. Naotsugu's room
  11. Akatsuki's room
  12. Isuzu's room
  13. Rundelhous' room
  14. Laundry room
  15. Water tank

Isaac came to help Log Horizon clean the building by assigning summoners to conjure Undines and wash the first two floors (in anime, all floors are washed and the windows to the building destroyed). Oceanic Systems was hired to build stairs connecting between floors. The Roderick Firm was also hired to repair a water tank and install a running water system.

Chapter 84 of the web novel refers to Shiroe's room as the guild's office (執務室) but notes that this designation is somewhat of an exaggeration, since Log Horizon is a small guild. However, because of Shiroe's duties with the Round Table Alliance, people often consult him on business, and he uses the room to receive visitor and petitioners. He spends so much time in this room that the other Log Horizon members joke that he's a "shut-in" (引きこもり).[2]



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