Cover for the second Log Horizon OST

The Log Horizon Original Soundtrack 2 is the soundtrack album for the second season of Log Horizon. It was released on March 4, 2015, and includes tracks from the first season that weren't included the first album, as well as new ones from the second season.


# Track Title Heard In
1 Log Horizon Main Theme, 2014 Version
(「ログ・ホライズン」メインテーマ 2014 ver)
2 Challengers (挑戦者たち)
3 Subtitle I (サブタイトル I) S1 episodes
4 Raid Zone (レイドゾーン)
5 Shiroe's Prediction (シロエの思惑)
6 Akiba Girls Society I (アキバの女子会 I)
7 Crescent Moon Alliance's Holiday (三日月同盟の休日)
8 Horror in the Darkness (闇を駆ける戦慄)
9 Akiba's Killer (アキバの殺人鬼)
10 Hollow Madness (空虚なる狂気)
11 Akatsuki's Feelings (アカツキの想い)
12 Shadows Start Moving (動き始める影)
13 Akiba Raid (アキバレイド)
14 The Beach on the Moon (月の周辺)
15 Standing Up Once More (もう一度立ち上がるために)
16 Determination to Move Forward (前進する決意)
17 Indomitable Adventurers (不屈の冒険者)
18 Peaceful Moments (平和なひととき)
19 Subtitle II (サブタイトル II) S2 episodes
20 Feeling Great (気分は最高)
21 Punch Line I (パンチライン I)
22 Punch Line II (パンチライン II)
23 Haste Makes Waste (せいては事を仕損じる)
24 The Light that Enlightens the Heart (心にともる灯り)
25 The Bond Between Youth (年少組の絆)
26 A Step Forward (踏み出す一歩)
27 People of the Land (大地人)
28 Akiba Girls Society II (アキバの女子会 II)
29 Dangerous Scent (危険な香り)
30 Game of Chase (追撃戦)
31 Clash with Monsters (モンスターとの死闘)
32 Bitter Reality (悲痛な現実)
33 The Feline Swordsman (猫人の剣士)
34 Hurtful Battle (傷だらけの攻防)
35 Young Adventurers (若き冒険者たち)
36 The Uncertain Path Ahead (迷い道の先に)
37 This World and its Music (この世界と音楽と)
38 Birthday Song, Live Version (バースデイ・ソングー劇中version)
39 Hopeful Departure (希望の旅立ち)
40 Go! East! (ゴー!イースト!) Episode 14
41 Birthday Song (バースデイ・ソング)


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