Log Horizon: New Adventure Land, also known as the Log Horizon SNG (social networking game), is a F2P mobile game created by GREE that was released on March 19, 2015 in Japan for both iOS and Android. On October 12, 2016, the game was expanded to Mobage.


The design of the game tries to follow Elder Tale's design as closely as it can, even if it isn't a traditional MMORPG. Players, at the start of the game, will create and customize their own characters. One's selected gender and Class will impact the character's appearance. Characters can use different builds, equip weapons and accessories, and take on a Subclass.[1]

Characters found in the original series can become your friends and assist you in battling monsters. There are also original characters that have been introduced for the SNG.

There can be multiple variations of a character, whose alternate designs are based off of different outfits they have had in the course of the series; for example, the core members of Tohya's Party have both their regular first season attire as a recruitable character, and another version with their swimsuits during the Summer Training arc.

The SNG updates with new events and characters every couple of weeks.


There are various quests in the SNG, many of which are related to the main storyline. During special events, there are event quests that will net special rewards.
Aside from your own character, it is possible to recruit characters from the main storyline or from the SNG storyline to join your party during battles.
Weapons and Accessories
Characters have three equipment slots: one for a weapon and two for accessories. Player characters have an expanded equipment slot and are capable of using more than one weapon, although there will always be one main weapon.





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