Lord Kiliva, also known as the Marquis Kyriva in the light novel, is a Human Noble-Feudal Lord Lander and the head of the clan that rules over the city of Tsukuba and its surrounding areas.


Kiliva is a very prideful and arrogant man who believes that it is the Adventurers' obligation to fight off all monsters and does not react very well when the Adventurers do not immediately accede to his demands. He sees the Adventurers as mere living weapons, though he is easily cowed when facing their anger.


Invitation from Eastal

Kiliva and Lord Barte are seen as the Round Table Alliance arrive at the Ancient Palace of Eternal Ice. They later discuss how to get the Adventurers to their side and Kiliva even tries to invite Krusty to have a drink with him.

Return of the Goblin King Arc

When news of the goblin hordes attacking the nearby territories reaches the Eastal League of Free Cities, Kiliva and the other nobles have a secret conference to debate about the best way to deal with the threat. With the disappearance of the Izumo Knights, the Elder Tale Nobility had no choice but to sacrifice one city in order to trap the goblins and destroy them with their combined forces. However, this meant that the most likely city to be attacked, Tsukuba, would be destroyed. Despite it being well-defended, it would lose more than a few fields and villages. At worst, the cost would be most of its population.

Kiliva goes on a tirade and begins demanding that the Adventurers deploy their forces to turn back the goblins. However, since the Round Table Alliance and Akihabara were not recognized as part of the League, and therefore had no obligation to lend any aid without a valid reason. This angered Kiliva even further and he was only silenced when Michitaka smashed his fist on the marble table, nearly collapsing it.