Lord Marves Ain-Arde Marves (Malves in the anime) is an Elf Noble-High Lord of the Holy Empire Westelande, and is considered the head of the territory's merchant fleet. He commands the Spirit Ship Eagle.


Lord Marves is a pasty-faced elf, (most likely makeup) with a skinny body and a very pale skin. He is dressed in gaudy, purple clothes and wears a kind of gold-trimmed captain's hat.


Lord Marves is a pompous, arrogant individual with a sneaky disposition and a perverted attitude towards Princess Raynesia. Though he thinks he's a brilliant schemer, he does not compare to Shiroe's ability and is easily cowed when outmaneuvered by the likes of Shiroe. Like many nobles, he is used to having people serve him and does not realize that he is up against well-educated and formidable opponents such as the Adventurers of Akihabara.


Libra Festival arcEdit

Lord Marves is accompanied by three Adventurers from Minami, bringing the Spirit Ship Eagle into Akihabara's port during the Libra Festival. He then visits Princess Rayneshia with the expectation that she had already prepared to store the 500 tons of cargo that he had on board, even claiming to have sent a letter in advance and continuing on to denounce her.

In actuality, this was all a ruse to embarrass the Corwen family and weaken the authority of the Round Table Alliance. However, he did not take into account Shiroe's ability to create the supposed letter with Marves' own signature, nor Oceanic Systems' capability to store ten times the cargo he had supposedly brought. With the fact that he didn't really have 500 tons of cargo with him, and that he never even sent a letter, Marves had no choice but to withdraw on the pretense that he wasn't feeling well. The Spirit Ship Eagle quickly departed after the plan to discredit the Round Table Alliance had failed.

Collapse of the Round Table arcEdit

Marves reappears in Akiba with yet another large caravan; this time, as a representative from the Saiku House for the man to whom Rayneshia is engaged.


  • In the web novel, his name was originally Rundostad (ルンドスタード). Chapter 108 of the web novel changed it to Marves Ain-Arde Marves (マルヴェス=アインアルド=マルヴェス).


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