Magic is a common feature in fantasy MMORPGs. In Elder Tale, it is an innate ability among Adventurers, Monsters and some People of the Land, the power source of magical items and one of the driving forces in nature.[1]

Categories of MagicEdit

According to Scale of Magic EffectsEdit

Magic under this category are grouped based on their effect or intention.[1]

  • Action Level Magic: Magic stimulated by a single action. It occurs when one uses magic similar to how they would use a weapon. For example, the spell Mind Bolt's execution is similar to how one would shoot an arrow. Most of the magic of Mage-type classes are Action Level Magic, regardless of their power.
  • Battle Level Magic: Magic that can be used to decide the result of a single battle. This magic allows one to decide the fate of himself, his allies and his enemies. An example of which is the spell Astral Hypnos that, if used at the right time, can push a group of enemies at the brink of defeat.
  • Tactical Level Magic: Magic that can affect two to three battles at the same time. Legendary spells cast by a group of Sorcerers are said to belong to this group.
  • Strategic Level Magic: Magic of an even greater scale compared to Tactical Level Magic. This type of magic can have effects that last for days and has the ability to destroy a fortress, tower, or even an entire dungeon.
  • War Level Magic: Magic that is capable of deciding the outcome of a war.
  • National Level Magic - Magic that is capable of destroying or affecting an entire nation.
  • Continental Level Magic: Magic that can affect an entire continent.
  • Global Level Magic: Magic that can decide the existence or fate of a whole world. It is also able to alter the laws of reality in a world. Magic of this kind are also called World Fractions.

According to FeatureEdit

Magic under this category are grouped according to their nature.[1]

  • Energy Control: The magic employed by Sorcerers. This allows one to control energy and the elements and use it to one's advantage.
  • Transmutation: Change the nature of one thing into that of another.
  • Conjuring Magic: Used by Summoners and Druids to summon or conjure different creatures.

According to Skill LevelEdit

This separates magic according to the levels that are required to be able to learn and master them.[1]


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