Magical Technology is the term that describes combining magical artifacts or items with scientific concepts into technology. It is also described as an Overskill for a blacksmith or any other crafting subclass.


After discovering that food can be created with one's own hands to have actual flavor, the three major Production Guilds, (Marine OrganizationShopping District 8 and The Roderick Firm), were able to create a Steam Engine. This proves that things not previously existing in Elder Tale can be made, thereby sparking an inventing craze which will drive the economy of Akihabara forward as customers will spend more money to buy the products. At the same, this will also motivate the citizens to earn more money to spend, rather than just making enough to survive, (an average of 35 Gold per day). As a result, this will relieve feelings of boredom and despair. As an added bonus, new technology will entice the People of the Land to also drive themselves to earn more to obtain these products, which will enrich Akihabara's economy and industry in the process.

It has been found that magical items can be used in order to power machines. In the case of the Steam Engine, a fire-type beast is used to heat up the water to create steam, rather than using wood or coal. Basically the function of the steam engine works the same as it did in the old world, driving a piston or camshaft, therefore converting heat energy into mechanical energy.

Magical Technology is also associated with the now extinct Alv race. Due to their monopoly on magically-powered devices, they were destroyed out of jealousy by the other races. The Mobile Armor of the Royal Guard is an example of ancient magical technology.


Due to the fact that such devices did not previously exist in Elder Tale, the People of the Land see magical technology as a kind of miracle. Machines like the steam engine become highly-prized by the nobility and merchants, as their applications can result in increased production of goods, transportation and even military aspects. Adventurers who have the knowledge of the old world are able to apply those concepts and create machines of great power and ability. This gives them a substantial advantage.

List of Known Magical Technology Machines