The magical train was developed by Adventurers in Plant Hwyaden from a failed attempt to create a magic-powered airplane.

The magical train can produce tracks anywhere, and distorts the space surrounding it to allow it to travel uninhibited. Because of this ability, even the train's mass and its inability to leave the tracks isn't a terribly large flaw, especially since it also had excellent defensive properties. While the train is slow, only capable of moving at 30% of the speed of the latest horse-drawn carriages, being unimpeded by terrain evens it out. As a result, Mizufa Trude takes it to start Operation Red Night.

Within the train are magical devices called Summon Orbs, which, in conjunction with EXP Pots acquired from Adventurers, were used to bolster the People of the Land Summoners' abilities. Using the Summon Orbs, the Summoners could repeatedly summon Nightshades without having to go onto the battlefield personally, thus greatly reducing their risk of death and increasing the amount of EXP (and thus levels) they gain.

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