Some of the maps found in the Log Horizon light novels.

1. Town of Akiba Edit

2. Ragranda Forest Dungeon Edit

Ragranda forest

3. Monster Suppression Edit

Log Horizon Vol04 344-345

4. Akiba Libra Festival Edit

LogHor5 361-362

Log Horizon Tree House Edit

LHv05 p03

Akiba Raid Edit


Eastern Yamato Map Edit

LH07 357-358

Fields (Black Squares) Edit

1 --- Shumarinai, Lake of Giants
2 --- Forest of Kamui
3 --- Daisetsu Mountains
4 --- Lake Kusharow
5 --- Iburi Inland Sea
6 --- Liport Strait
7 --- Oso, Mountain of Ghosts
8 --- Tearstone Mountains
9 --- Arb Highland
10 --- Caminash Waterway
11 --- Meinion Beach
12 --- Octavia Island
13 --- Spiritual Mount Fuji
14 --- Great Forest of Stray Soul

Cities (White Squares) Edit

1 --- Susukino
Capital of the Ezzo Empire that was built in the western part of Ezzo, Iskal district. This burg is the foothold for Adventurers of Ezzo, and the strong-point for defending against the invasion of Giants. It also has political functions to lead the surrounding Lander settlements. Right after the Catastrophe, Susukino was temporarily brought under control by the rogue Adventurers' guild Brigandia. But <Silver Sword>, a large-scale battle guild that emigrated from Akiba, put down the rogues and started maintaining public order. Thanks to this, peace is gradually returning to Susukino. Ezzo Potato, one of the major ingredients for Landers of Susukino, is popular among Adventurers as well. They develop new dishes based on it, including 'Sautéed with butter' and 'Miso-soup'.
2 --- Wall Shuparo
Stone-built fortresses and a long and wide wall for resisting against Giants who come from the north. This wall was destroyed by Giants' powerful attacks many times over, and was reconstructed on each occasion.
3 --- Hirosaki, City of Cherry Blossoms
Castle-town that extends from Castle Blossom (dominating the borderline between Eastal and Ezzo) to Port Aomori. This city is bustling thanks to regular liners that go to Ezzo, and sometimes Adventurers are hired as bodyguards.
4 --- Ouu City
A city that was built in the almost-northern limit of Eastal. Scale is smaller than that of southern territories, but Ouu has substantial wall to resist the surrounding severe threats.
5 --- Loweroll City
This city adjoins Takami River that runs through the northeast region of Eastal from north to south. Therefore, it was developed as an important relay point for commercial distribution between the inland region and southern region, enjoying facilities for water-transport. Not only Adventurers, but also Lander merchants with rich variations can be seen.
6 --- Fortress City Mogami
Fortress city that was built on the hill overlooking Shizukami River. It was once a small town, but when feudal lord extended power by water-transport, the fortress got bigger. Now, the feudal lord has ruled over all kinds of affairs relating to water.
7 --- Taihaku Cloud-Castle / Taihaku Outer-Castle
Feudal lord Taihaku's castle and castle-town. Cloud-Castle is impregnable and built in the mountain, assuming the real battle. However, it is sometimes ridiculed like "He is intending to fight, but against whom?" or "It's anachronistic". Outer-Castle also was also built as a strong as the fort even though it is just a castle-town.
8 --- Free City Iwafune
A city leading to the ocean trade route which goes Westelande via Sado. Feudal lords have adopted the open-minded policies to make commercial activities prosperous, so you can see many Landers including minority races who usually live in the isolated mountains.
9 --- Oceanic City of Sado
Port city of Sado island. Because this is a fishing port and a point of commerce between east and west, there is no shortage of distribution and informations. Moreover, Sado is rich in mine resources. Many Adventurer and Lander prospectors are seeking resources for production.
10 --- Thundering City of Kashiwazaki
Three-layered underground city that reused Dwarven ruins. Thundering City was named after two things; a fact that weather easily changes around here and there are a lot of thundery-rainy days, and lore of a Dwarven craftman who made these ruins and loudly laughed like thunder.
11 --- Koorima City
City that is regarded as the entrance of northern Eastal. North of Koorima, the difficulty of fields gets quite hard and even veteran Adventurers can't lose their concentration. Because of that, it is recommended to make elaborate preparations in this city. There are many architectures that are made by ancient Dwarves, and some say that Koorima is a brother city of Kashiwazaki.
12 --- Watergate City Sonohara
Lander city that is based on Sonohara Great Watergate, a legacy of <Age of the Gods> in the upper reaches of Sandleaf River, and its surrounding ruins. While suburb areas have some hot springs, Adventurers can relax after fatiguing investigations of ruins.
13 --- Forebridge City
Fortress city that was built in the basin among mountains, and a relay point between Akiba and Kashiwazaki. Because nearby <Haruna Forest> has many sour plum trees, there are some famous local products, including fruit wine and pickles. Flowers of sour plum are beautiful, and many people visit this city during the flowering season.
14 --- Shrine City of Hirose
Shrine city that enshrines a star god that symbolizes fortune. Entire city is composed as a large magic circle to seal a mighty Ifrit. The seal gets weakened in the summer, and Adventurers are requested to supply the catalysts for retaining the magic circle.
15 --- Sacred City of Utsurugi
City that is located in the south of tomb of ancient holy king. City scenery of ancient Alven kingdom still remains, with old-fashioned and oracular atmosphere. City defense is exceptionally strong while having an army of warpriests.
16 --- Hitachi City
City that achieved development by metallurgy and ship-building based on abundant timbers and mineral resources of nearby mountains. In areas around the city, there are a lot of entrances of an extensive dungeon, that is formed of abandoned and highly entwined mine tunnels. Be careful not to carelessly stray into it.
17 --- Magic City Tsukuba
Academic guilds have great influence in here, and there are many quests and items relating to magic. Healer and Mage class Adventurers will visit this city many times. Townscape is compartmented in a methodical manner, and Griffon-riding city guards are always on duty.
18 --- Choushi City
Located at the mouth of Sandleaf River, this port city is prospering in fishery. There's no feudal lord and fortress, so Choushi was once troubled with damage caused by monsters. However, the number of Adventurers who stay in this city as an easy campground has been increasing, and new local products like 'Sahuagin-Katsuobushi' were created.
19 --- Shirahama
this city is located at the southernmost part of Eastal, prospering in fishery and stockbreeding in warm climates. There is a beautiful wide beach, many travelers and Adventurers visit here for it.
20 --- Akiba
As the first player city of Yamato, Akiba has a large number of Adventurers. Although the Catastrophe caused great confusion, public order was rapidly restored after the governing body <Round Table Alliance> was organized, and it became a commercial foothold. 15,000 Adventurers and a lot of Lander merchants has been working in the streets lined with reused ruins of <Age of the Gods>, it's no exaggeration to say that this is the liveliest place in Eastal. However, revitalization of the economy enlarged the gap between the active Adventurers and the others. Now <Round Table Alliance> got a new issue; how should they control the wealth from invention rush?
21 --- Shibuya
The fifth player city that was created to compensate for functions of Akiba. Currently inconvenient due to the lack of Bank system and the breakdown of Transport Gate. Depopulation is progressing after the Catastrophe, and the most of Adventurers who have intentionally remained has their own reasons.
22 --- Ikebukuro
One of the Lander settlements. A gigantic building named <Tower of Sunshine> is noticeable. There's an ancient library dungeon <Prohibited Library of Thorns>, and sometimes wizards visit for getting the forbidden knowledge.
23 --- Asakusa
One of the Lander settlements that is located near Akiba. It is characterized by temples with history and surrounding shopping mall. There are also many eateries; after the spread of new cooking method, some Landers are earnestly pursuing delicious-tasting dishes day and night.
24 --- Capital Maihama
The largest city of the <League of Freedom Cities Eastal> that ruled by Duke Serjiad. There's a number of impressive buildings that that reused the ruins of <Age of the Gods>, including enormous overhead walkways that made of finely wrought steel, hanging gardens, and the most beautiful marble royal court in Yamato; <Castle Cinderella>. Peripheral areas of Maihama also has many 'living ruins' as well, and because of this, there were a lot of quests for middle-level Adventurers since before the Catastrophe. Commercial equipment is in good order, this city is quite familiar to Adventurers.
Currently, a transport ship <Nereides> is providing the mass-transportation service to Akiba, and technical experts are in great demand for the expansion of port.
25 --- Matsudo Village
Lander village that is located near Maihama. Herbs (the materials used for make some potions) cultivated on a large scale, and there is Dwarven blacksmiths' workshop. In contrast to its small scale, this village is considered quite important strategically.
26 --- Warabi Village
Lander village that is famous for local product, 'Maiden berry'. Because monsters are rampant in the nearby forest, Adventurers often get a request to slay them.
27 --- Yokohama
One of the greatest trading ports of Eastal. There is a residential district that inhabited by immigrants from the eastern Eured Continent. Exotic mood of townscape is popular amongst Adventurers.
28 --- Gateway City Hakone
Fortress city on the road that links Eastal and Westlande. Robust checkpoint station is established, and serves as a protective stronghold in case of emergency. This city is also famous for hot springs, and sometimes Eastal feudal lords visit secretly.
29 --- Lakeside Market of Suwa
Large-scale market that developed around the approach to the Suwa Grand Shrine. Under the management of Grand Shrine, local peddlers hold a market at stated times. Peddling by Adventurers has been gradually popularized, but the conflicts with Landers resulting from the difference of manners also began to surface.

Dungeons (Black Circles) Edit

1 --- Metropolis of Giants
According to the tradition, Giants made a lake by damming a river, and built this city on the lakeside. All citizen are Giants. If you enter the city, they'll immediately surround and smash you with their clubs.
2 --- Fortress of Samickle
This fort is located in the depths of Forest of Kamui, and it is said that no one has ever arrived yet. Some says Samickle is an <Ancient> hero's name, while other says Samickle is a nature spirit. Details are still unclear.
3 --- Upepesanke
Field dungeon in the Daisetsu Mountains. Its difficulty is hard as a lot of northern enemies (like Giant, Ice Fairy, Yuki-Onna, Snow Wolf) appear in the blizzard.
4 --- Kimun-Kamui's Fangy Bastion
Field dungeon that is a territory of Kimun-Kamui, a super-gigantic Ezzo Grizzly, and its henchbears. If you carelessly make a raid on, you'll end up losing your life. Bears of Ezzo are a pain in the neck, even for Giants; they are fighting each other in various places.
5 --- Undersea Tunnel
Undersea tunnel ruin connecting Ezzo and the main island of Yamato. It's treated as a dungeon, so of course, monsters appear. Structure is simple, but on the other hand, you can't hide anywhere. It is probably difficult for inexperienced Adventurers to get through.
6 --- Seventh-Fall Fortress
Goblin fortress that exists in the deepest area of Black Forest of Ouu region. A great number of Goblins live in. If you despise them as small fries, you'll be pulverised by the tyranny of the masses.
7 --- Depths of Palm
Complex building of ancient mine shafts and tunnels situated at the base of the Tearstone Mountains. Upper levels is a long large underground passage that is a nest of Rat-Men. Intermediate levels and lower levels have collapsed in places, and became a groundwater artery by water flowing thereinto. The deepest level is an unimplemented raid zone.
8 --- Grave-Marker for Byakko
Abandoned castle that is haunted by ghosts of young samurais who met with a tragic end. Ghosts don't know the fall of their castle yet, and they show the invaders no mercy. After the Catastrophe, there is still no Adventurer who reached the deepest area and put an end to their war.
9 --- Ragranda Forest
This dungeon has two-layer structure; one is the natural cave that ruled by Burning Dead, and the other is the underground shrine of Wicked Idol. Mainly undead-type monsters appear, and two routes is divided based on appropriate level. If you cleared the natural cave, you'd be strong enough to challenge the underground shrine.
10 --- Kanda Flume / Akiba Sewer
After the implementation at the early period of Elder Tail and some expansion packs, currently this sewer dungeon extends from underground of Akiba to Kanda. Its difficulty is for beginners. Various urban legend-ish monsters appear, including the largest White Alligator.
11 --- Tomb of Hero
Tomb of ancient hero, and one of the main stages of <New Empire's Return Festival> raid. Dungeon boss is one of the strongest wraith of Yamato. Although the boss is feared as a cursing deity, it also is deeply worshipped as a guardian deity of Eastal.
12 --- Shinjuku Underpass
Dungeon zone that ran throughout the underground of Shinjuku. This area is often used as underground passages since enemies are weak. Nowadays you can see many Lander refugees are camping, while the aboveground area of Shinjuku was destroyed by wild Behemoths.
13 --- Nakano Mall
Massive building construction ruin of <Age of the Gods>. Internally, passages and small rooms are regularly lining up. Every rooms is the burial chamber. Monsters are weak, and it's considered to be useful for beginners to earn golds. However, its structure is easy to lose your way. If you neglect to make map, you'll regret it afterward.
14 --- Ueno Rogue Castle
There are broken buildings of <Age of the Gods>, standing like monuments and create a mystical atmosphere. It's a dangerous area that Lander scoundrels and Demi-humans gathers together nightly. After the Catastrophe, it became one of the factors of deterioration of public security in neighboring area.
15 --- Maihama Underpass
Mysterious passages that exist under Capital Maihama. It's rather complicated, but you can quickly move to various places of Maihama when you grasp its structure.
16 --- Pied-Piper's Lair
City that is ruled by a clown, Mathers Pied-Piper. Although it's aboveground dungeon, you can utilizes the shop or such that is run by Landers and even some monsters. But the other monsters attack you as usual, and Landers' behaviors are somewhat unnatural. Everything is odd and wrapped in a bottomless eeriness.

Western Yamato map Edit

画像 354-355

Fields (Black Squares) Edit

15 --- Noto Cavern
16 --- Mountain of Spirits
17 --- Dragon Sanctuary
18 --- Sekigahara
19 --- Nio Freshwater Sea
20 --- Kumano Ancient Forest
21 --- Longa Desert
22 --- Ryōbi Highland
23 --- Lost Bridge
24 --- Sword of Fourland
25 --- Dragon Beach
26 --- Big Bridge
27 --- Male Mount Ninigino
28 --- Female Mount Sakuya
29 --- Ruin Island Jaxea
30 --- Forest of Gods' Trees

Cities (White Squares) Edit

30 --- Izu
31 --- Snowdrop Fishing Port
32 --- Spirit-Descended City Ildof
33 --- Romatoris Golden Bibliocity
34 --- Kiyosu City / Ruined Capital Oosu
35 --- Port Torluga
36 --- Ordia City
37 --- Holy Palace Ise
38 --- Capital Kyou
39 --- Ancient City Yoshino
40 --- Kumano Grand Shrine
41 --- Minami
42 --- Graceful Port Sixiere
43 --- Castle City Eaglet
44 --- Longa Oasis
45 --- Kiln City Galdclow
46 --- Izumo City
47 --- Quore Naval Port
48 --- Maval Abandoned Port
49 --- Ruins of Craysup
50 --- Ruin Castle Masaki
51 --- Saikyou City
52 --- Nakasu
53 --- Akizuki City
54 --- Panisle City
55 --- Longcape Naval Port
56 --- Baywind, the Closed Windows
57 --- Eisuo City
58 --- Hot Spring City Yufin
59 --- Sunlight City Hyūga
60 --- Rice Producing City Ranbass
61 --- Perpetual Snow City Basketa
62 --- Shuri Crimson Court

Dungeons (Black Circle) Edit

17 --- Ancient Temple of Suwa
18 --- Airy Deep Layer
19 --- Titan Arsenal
20 --- Undying City Toyota
21 --- Mount Kurama
22 --- Cursed Capital Heian
23 --- Okino Island
24 --- Abbey of Remorse
25 --- Washū Floating Garden
26 --- Inushima Water Castle
27 --- Itsukushima Marine Shrine
28 --- Makouden (Demonic Emperor's Palace)
29 --- Daishi Road
30 --- Castle of Inugami
31 --- Infernal Holes of Wicked Silkworms
32 --- Watatsumi Dragonking Court
33 --- Crystal Cave
34 --- Karai-Tenjingū (Great Shrine of Flaming Thunder God)
35 --- Bakeneko Mansion
36 --- Amano-Ikusabune (Battleship of Heaven)
37 --- Mortar of Fire Dragon
38 --- Broken Sky Tower
39 --- Telkumi Fortress
40 --- Island of Sleeping Times

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