Masuda (増田) is an Elf Bard who joined the Crescent Moon Alliance after being saved from Hamelin.


He has pointed elf ears, a mop of grayish-brown hair, he wears glasses and a long trailing scarf around his shoulders.


While Masuda hates being treated like a child, he also misses his mother dearly.


Round Table Alliance arc

Summer Training arc

Masuda, along with the other newbies from Hamelin, participates in the Round Table's Summer Training Camp. After the Sahuagin start attacking en masse, he assists in the defense of Choushi.

Other Media

Log Horizon: New Adventure Land

Masuda appears in a Rare and Awakened (Super Rare) version.

[Awakened] Masuda

Masuda sng

Class Rarity Role Type Attribute
Bard Logo Bard SR icon Support Midguard Dark icon
Max. LV[Maximum possible level, factoring all 3 uncaps. All stats are based on their maximum level.] HP ATK DEF SPD
75 52860 45550 34895 46808