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November 17, 2013
  • I live in the Database, wow wow
  • I am female
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  • Hi Queenie,

    I am an indie game developer and I would like to get your point of view on the unique aspects of the Log Horizon/Elder Tale game play.

    Could you drop me an e-mail at

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  • Uhm, Hi.

    Sorry for bothering you and all, but can I know your sources for WBB Manga Koyuki of Log Horizon? 

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  • Thankskicking.

    Be there. Or don't.

    Everyone else is dead.

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  • I found a description of the Genius monsters from the Nuctemeron floating around the internet while trying to come up with some Genii of my own for that fanfic I was talking about earlier. Aside from the analysis of the text itself, it gives a brief descriptor of each Genius and which hour it appears in. Link is here . Might be worthwhile to replace the broken link that we have in the Genius wiki entry. 

    Now all I have to do is play dice and pray to RNG that the unused Genius monsters I end up using won't be used by Touno-sensei in the future! 

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  • You might remember me as theACEbabana from the Tumblr asks I've posted, and I have come here to pose a lengthy question that would be impossible to put through the regular channel. I'm trying to map out the Land of Wen, specifically the Adventurer cities, for a fanfic I plan to write. After referencing the updated map (with correct political boundaries) that Mamare approved, I've tried to find the real-world correspondants to the sixteen Adventurer cities in Wen. Here's what I've got so far, and I would very much appreciate any opinions you have. 

    • Big Apple (New York City)
    • Brotherhood (Philidelphia)
    • South Angels (Los Angeles)
    • Dixie (Charleston) [This one I'm a bit iffy on given how Columbia could also be a vyable city]
    • Pueblo (Albuquerque)
    • Boulder (Boulder, Colorodo) 
    • Cajun (Baton Rouge)
    • Great Lakes (Milwaukee)
    • Jean Drapeau (Montreal)
    • Portage (Anchorage)
    • Ekechi 51 (Area 51) 
    • Labrador (Kangirsuk)
    • Twin Bays (San Fransisco)
    • Cascadia (Abbotsford)
    • Marsh (Miami)
    • Chasta (Portland) [Another city I'm iffy on. It could also be Vancouver.]
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    • Oh the colored one for the server isn't mine, MapGuy made that, I think LHFF knows him. But for the edit I just opened it in GIMP 2 to edit it for political borders and adding my own city. Pretty sure this is the right mapguy

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    • I don't think he's active on twitter anymore.

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  • Fieldscreen
    Hey by chance do you know what the words inbetween the blue arrows say?

    Working on something involving it and it'd really help to know what they say so I can replace them with english.

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  • Hey, been awhile since I bugged you. 

    Made an account here since you said it'd be easier to talk here instead of constantly putting asks in your inbox.

    I've been being super lazy and not really working on anything for my stuff in a long while, but I picked up working on a bit today, was thinking about an odd thing that I'm sure is pretty irrelivant and a very few amount of people would care about. It's how the People of the Land keep track of time, since Adventurers have our real calander, but i was curious if you ever remember seeing anything about how they kept track of time or what they call their months/seasons, cause I can assume they don't call them the same as ours and to make a fan timeline for Wen I was thinking I really needed to find if they had any sort of calander system of their own or if I should just make my own, which is going to be quite the task seeing as that is probably what I'm going to have to do.

    EDIT: While I'm looking through the Chronology of Log Horizon, thinking mainly in the perspective of being a Person of the Land, I gotta say they were extremely progressive colonists seeing as from 300 years before the catastrophe they leave Yureddo to Wen, but after landing there is only 60 years inbetween them landing on a whole new, unexplored, unknown contienent and the Elder Tales beta launching followed, I'm sure even though it isn't listed, the official launch of the game.. So in 60 years they colonized the east coast, west coast and other spots along the way.. For me, trying to write the "lore" and build the world of Wen, it seems...difficult to say the least. 60 Years to colonize a whole contient, with multiple empires, noble families, religions, trade routes, etc. Just seems like its going to be an unbelievable challenge to write any kind of lore for Wen with such a short time span inbetween their landing in Wen and when players would see the game world. Again this is coming from the idea of a Person of the Lands perspective, not a game dev saying "oh well..idk they just did it, its a game, yada yada". 

    I guess basically what do you think about all that? I mean I imagine they must have decent technology and such since the Alvs did exist and since they destroyed the alves they clearly, and i think its been mentioned before, have some of their technology which was so far advanced it caused them to kill the Alvs, so I suppose depending on what that technology they took from the Alvs was, they had the capabilities to spread across a whole new continent and establish lords, kings, empires, etc in a span of 60 years.

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    • Log In, for some strange reason, is disabled when I posted this..

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    • LOL that anime. I'm more concerned about making actual, tangible progress on LHxFE8 at the moment XD

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  • Hello Queenie-Beatrice !

    Do you guys affiliate with other anime/manga wikis ?

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  • Hey Dequenn i just realised something....everyone has been stuck in the game for at least a year as the 1 year anniversary of them being trapped there has already been should we update the ages of those we know? 

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  • I noticed that on the main character pages there's a subpage navigation, and it kinda looks awkward when it has to go to the next line. I was thinking that maybe it should be centered at the top of the page? I was just going to do it but thought it was a large enough change that I should ask permission for it.


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