This page is about the Lander girl from the TRPG Replays. For the Adventurer, see Nagi.

No way, definitely put it! Definitely put mayonnaise!
—"Nagi" TRPG Replay Volume 2

Nagi is a Lander in the Log Horizon TRPG Replay Novels. An amnesiac, she decides to travel with the rest of the group. Within her lies an alternate personality named Tokinagi, who is actually the reincarnation of one of the Ruquinjé.

Her birthday is December 9th.



Initially, Nagi was very shy. However, after meeting many friendly people in Akihabara, she began opening up and showing her childlike innocence.


She is actually the reincarnation of one of the Ruquinjé. However, at the moment, it doesn't seem like she has any intention of enacting her revenge. Unlike Tokinagi, it does not seem as though Nagi has any access to her powers.

The Catastrophe arc

Nagi, a Lander, meets Seine shortly after the Catastrophe. She has lost all of her memories, even ones of her parents' faces, except for her name. As a result, she has a deep desire to be in a "family" and is very pleased to be able to live with four Adventurers.

Fallen Guardian arc

Nagi can be seen with the other Nyanko-tei members, including Wolf and Seine, during the Post-Halloween Festival.[1] After the success of Operation Capture, she and A.K. are seen at the gong to signify the raid party's success.[2]


Bride's apron

Bride's Apron (Child Sized): Frilly pure white apron. A gift from the Tailors of the Crescent Moon Alliance that was tailored to match Nagi's stature. When equipped, the item grants the same abilities of a mid-level Chef.

Flashy Hawaiian Shirt

Flashy Hawaiian Shirt: Both the pattern and the color of the Hawaiian shirt are eye-catching to say the least. Even after getting lost in a crowd it can easily be found. Nagi treats the Hawaiian shirt with care.

Wazamono Kitchen Knife

Wazamono Kitchen Knife: A small kitchen knife for children. With a handle which is easy to grip with small hands, as a feature the blade cuts well with gentle force. When cutting, use your left hand like the paw of a cat to firmly grip the ingredient, and press down slowly. This is what Masuta has taught her.


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