Nanami is a young Lander girl introduced in volume 2 of Honey Moon Logs. Hien befriended her while he was goofing off after farming resources for Shiroe's Crescent Moon scheme. When Elder Tale was still a game, she was a rare "wandering" NPC that dispensed lottery tickets in exchange for gold. Hien helps retrieve her favorite jar (which contains the treasured knick-knacks she picks up around Akihabara) after it fell through the floor of her room into the city sewers below. Later on, she joins the Crescent Moon Alliance as one of its junior members.

She makes a cameo in The Gold of the Kunie, but is cut out of the anime.


Nanami chara sheet

Nanami's character sheet

She is a young girl wearing a jacket with bunny ears on them. At her side is a large bag that barely fits her, and is filled with tickets that she hands out to people.


Very quiet and shy as a result of the persecution she faced as a "discarded child"[廃棄児], Nanami has a hard time saying what she has in mind. The only person she's truly comfortable around is Hien, even after joining the Crescent Moon Alliance, and they are said to have a brother-sister relationship.[1]


Prior to the CatastropheEdit

When Elder Tale was still a game, she was a rare "wandering" NPC that dispensed lottery tickets in exchange for gold. An orphan, she was labeled as a "discarded child" and was thus shunned for most of her life. Aside from her name, her memory is rather fuzzy.[1]

Round Table Alliance arcEdit

Hien first spies her while slacking off from work.

Gold of the Kunie arcEdit

Nanami appears in search of Hien when Maryelle and Henrietta were talking after dinner. She shies away from Henrietta, having been frightened of her after being used as a dress-up doll on her first day at the Crescent Moon Alliance, and Maryelle quickly hides her woodworking tools as to not scare the child.


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