Nantake@Akiba is a Half-Alv Bard-Scribe and a member of Silver Sword. He participates in the fourth party of the Abyssal Shaft Raid Party. His birthday is on February 24.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Contrary to his gentleman-like choices of words and attitude, he is an openly-perverted titsman with an unusual obsession of women’s breasts. Although there is a difference in the range of pervertedness between him and Naotsugu, the both of them get along very well.

Synopsis Edit

Prior to the CatastropheEdit

Because of his clear, beautiful voice and how he accurately lets out support skills after scanning the area, he is called the “Maestro”.

Round Table Alliance arcEdit

After William rejected his seat in the Round Table Alliance, Nantakei followed him along with the other members of the guild from Akihabara to Susukino, with Tetora tagging along.

Gold of the Kunie arc Edit

Equipment Edit

Nantakei@Akiba uses a rapier in battle.


References Edit


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