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[Genius War] Naotsugu

Nao sng genius war

Class Rarity Role Type Attribute
Guardian Logo Guardian UR icon Vanguard Defense Water icon
100 56610 44313 55302 29127
Cross Slash[Attack your opponent twice. 5-turn cooldown.] (LV 1)
Aura Saber[Deal self-attribute damage on your opponent. 3-turn cooldown.] (LV10)
Counter Strike[Have a high chance of countering an enemy's attack, canceling their attack and inflicting personal attribute damage. Lasts for either three turns or three successful counters, whichever comes first. Hate also rises when this skill is activated. 7-turn cooldown.] (LV 25)
Anchor Howl[Force all enemies to attack you for three turns. Raises Hate. 11-turn cooldown.] (LV 35)
Castle of Stone[Attract enemy attention and negate all damage for 2 turns. 9-turn cooldown.] (LV 45)
Stats are based off of max evolution, max level unless otherwise noted. The Luck stat is not included, as it does not display on character previews.

Description: A Guardian and a good friend of Shiroe; when he logged into the game for the first time in a long while, he ended up caught in the Catastrophe. His hobby is teasing Akatsuki with his cheerful and undettered personality.

Special Effects:

  • Has a moderate chance of lowering the target's Attack with a normal attack.
  • Has a moderate chance of lowering the target's Defense with a normal attack.

[Genius War] Naotsugu could be recruited by being one of the top 20 players in each category (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) in a special event.

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