The new Round Table Council (RTC) is the successor and restructurization of the collapsed original Round Table Alliance. The representative of the Round Table Council is now Rayneshia, replacing Krusty, and ReGan and Kinjo are members of the new RTC as advisers. Aside from some renaming, restructuring, and relocation of some guilds, most of its former members joined the new RTC, with the exception of Grandeur and the now-disbanded Honesty.




Most of the new Round Table Council's members remained from the previous Round Table, with the exception of Honesty and Grandeur. The RTC's three new members are all People of the Land: Rayneshia, as the face of the RTC and its representative; ReGan, as its technical adviser; and Kinjo, as adviser of urban management.[1]

Guild Type Representative
D3-Hub Guild Union Takayama Misa, Rieze, Kushi Yatama
Black Sword Knights Battle Guild Isaac
West Wind Brigade Battle Guild Soujiro Seta
Silver Sword Battle Guild William Massachusetts
Oceanic Systems Production Guild Michitaka
The Roderick Firm Production Guild Roderick
Trade Network 8 Merchant Guild Charasin
Crescent Moon Alliance Small Guild Maryelle
Radio Market Small Guild Ichimonjinosuke Akaneya
Log Horizon Small Guild Shiroe


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