The Newlywed's Apron Dress is an item in the MMORPG Elder Tale.

Overview Edit

In exchange for a temporary level drop it gives the user a moderate cooking sub-skill. This item can be obtained in a quest.

Synopsis Edit

2.14 Sweet Trap Edit

In the Valentine's day many people decide to make use of the Newlywed's Apron Dress in order to make sweets with the coconia fruit for the ones that they love, Nyanta lends his for Isuzu to make a sweet for Rudy, while Maryelle uses her own to make sweets for Naotsugu.

Akatsuki and Minori later use it to make a cake to Shiroe in order to discover who was his love, only to discover that curry is his favorite food.

Route 43 arc Edit

Nyanta gives his Newlywed's Apron Dress to Serara to use during Tohya's Party quest to get the items for the Dazaneg's Magic Bag.

Log Horizon: Nyanta's Fortune Recipes Edit

The apron makes its first appearance in chapter 3, from which "2.14 Sweet Trap" is derived. It later appears when the members of D.D.D, Crescent Moon Alliance, Log Horizon, and West Wind Brigade have a cooking contest. It gets pulled out for Serara to bring on her trip, and then Nyanta planned on making William Massachusetts wear it when he went to Akiba with an alcohol dilemma.

Log Horizon: New Adventure Land Edit

While the apron itself is not an item, it is showcased in several Valentine's special event outfits. Similarly, the coconia fruit is a special acquirable item in Valentine's events.