The Ninetails Dominion (ナインテイル自治領) is a nation in Elder Tale and one of the five territories of Yamato. The Adventurer City in this area is Nakasu.

The area that it controls is approximately Kyushu and part of Yamaguchi Prefecture in real-life Japan. This area is rich with fertile fields and ancient magical ruins.


Little is known about this region, aside from the fact that Rundelhous Code was born here. His family is the military governor of the northern Ninetails Dominion.[1] The Holy Empire Westelande's influence is strong in this area.

After the Catastrophe, both Nakasu and the Ninetails Dominion came under the control of Plant Hwyaden and Westelande, and many Adventurers in Nakasu decided to move to Minami. However, several pockets of resistance exist despite the heavy surveillance, feigning obedience while planning to betray the massive guild.[2] At one point, there was a group known as the Nakasu Defense Front, but its numbers have dwindled due to Plant Hwyaden's efforts to hunt them down.

It is possible that Tetora's original guild, Light Indigo, was based in Nakasu, since her origins are unknown.


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