Nomad is one of the many role-playing subclasses in Elder Tale, though it functions more as a hybrid Production subclass.

Overview Edit

This subclass is representative of nomads who herded goats and sheep. It is a rather popular subclass in the continent of Eured, which has large plains, but is rare to find on the small island of Yamato.

People with this subclass have the ability to gain Material items, like dairy products or wool, by taking care of animals like horses and sheep. They can also create items from such materials, like ponchos or tents. When using a horse mount, the duration that they can be summoned for is extended. Before the Catastrophe (when mini maps were still available), enemies near bodies of water would show up on the mini maps of high-leveled Nomads.

Nomads have some capabilities of Hunters, Tailors, and Coachmen, but don't do those jobs as well as those subclasses do. It is seen mostly as a good subclass for mid-level players for gaining a variety of abilities.[1]

Known Nomads Edit


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