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Log Horizon Edit


Nureha bears an obsessive romantic interest in Shiroe that goes back to long before the Catastrophe. She claims they met before and even raided together, and that he once complimented her skills and respected her as a fellow Enchanter. Shiroe however has no such recollection of ever meeting Nureha at all, though he also states that it's highly possible since he already knew about her existence as fellow high-leveled Enchanters.

Nureha wishes to make Shiroe hers but is afraid of him seeing her for the weak and plain woman she was back in the real world, and is desperate to keep that side of herself hidden from him. She masks her vulnerabilities with the facade of a sly and seductive woman capable of ruling an entire kingdom, earning the nickname the "Ruler of the West."

After meeting with Shiroe in Akihabara, she attempted to sway him to join her guild of Plant Hwyaden, asking him to make her his excuse to do whatever he wants, promising him resources and wealth, and was hurt when Shiroe turned her down, declaring they would be better as enemies until she changes for the better. Although she revealed a glimpse of her vulnerability at his rejection, this only deepened Nureha's obsession with Shiroe more and she swore to make him hers.

Even in her interactions with Tohya's Party, she approaches them out of curiosity due to their connection to Shiroe, and eventually chooses to cancel Operation Red Night because she'd be helping "Shiroe's kids."


Nureha approached Tohya and his party under her guise as Dariella as an amusing past time. Although she easily won over the others in Tohya's party, he didn't warm up to her, much to her confusion. Even though Tohya didn't figure out her real identity, he could see that "Dariella" was putting on a facade that hid a woman who was suffering.

After leaving the group, Nureha wondered if Tohya's connection to Shiroe made Tohya more sensitive to her true emotions.

Plant Hwyaden Edit


Nureha and Indicus know each other from the real world, as they were classmates. As such, Indicus knows of Nureha's past and her wretched shames, which she uses to emotionally and psychologically abuse Nureha, calling her trash and that she reeks like a sewer.

Although Nureha is her guild master, Indicus is the power behind the throne Nureha has established in Minami.

In time however, Indicus's control over Nureha wanes and Nureha has finally rebelled against Indicus, leading the two of them to split Minami into a civil war.

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