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Nyanta is a Werecat Swashbuckler-Chef. He was a beta tester for Elder Tale and a member of the Debauchery Tea Party, where he was called Chief (班長). He is the first person on the Eastal side of the Yamato server to discover Real Food Preparation. Considering as how all food tastes like unseasoned Japanese rice crackers in Elder Tale, his discovery is truly a Godsend. He was a member of the Shibuya Raid Team.


Nyanta is older than many of the other characters in real life and is described as possibly being in his late 30s or early 40s.[3]  He is tall with a slender, well-proportioned figure. He appears in a green coat, a white undershirt, grey breeches, a pair of brown leather gloves, and a silky red scarf.

He is described as a dandy who always pays attention to personal appearance and grooming.[4]


Like Akatsuki, Nyanta assumes a role-playing persona within Elder Tale and speaks in phonetic meows, or 'nya's. He is calm, reliable, and the very definition of a "cool cat" and is surprised by almost nothing. He shows no reaction when he spots the gigantic goblin army coming towards the camp. He is also quite chipper and is willing to crack jokes when the time is right.  He believes in being a gentleman as he sees his rapiers as a weapon fit for one.  He also tends to politely berate other players that act in an ungentleman-like manner in battle. He is kind to everyone and sees bullies as despicable ignorant people. He is always loyal to his friends and is willing to fight for them no matter what.

Nyanta is a very skilled fighter able to take on character the same level as he easily, and Akatsuki complements him as being a "first-class swordsman."[5]

Viewing the new possibilities in this no-longer-game world, it was possible for Nyanta, with his Chef subclass, to create food with actual taste without it becoming a soggy, inedible substance. This "secret" technique involves cooking food from scratch with obtained ingredients instead of crafting food from the in-game menus.[6] As a skilled chef, he is able to cook a wide variety of dishes.  For example, when the Crescent Moon Alliance hosts a party in honor of Serara's safe return, the dishes that he and the alliance's cooks produce include deep fried wild bird, tomato-stuffed omelet, corn and lettuce salad, paella with seafood and saffron, unleavened bread, and spiced lamb soup.[7]


Prior to the CatastropheEdit

Nyanta tested the Elder Tale beta. Whether the beta was worldwide, or Nyanta somehow had access to the American beta, is unknown.

At some point, he suffered a personal tragedy that has affected the way he views the world ever since. It may have occurred before meeting the Debauchery Tea Party, as Naotsugu and Shiroe note that they've never heard of Nyanta having any romantic affairs.

In the Tea Party, his opinion was well-respected, as the group's eldest member. His calm words and actions made him trustworthy as well.[8]

After the Tea Party disbanded, he logged on irregularly, and thus never received an invitation to join the West Wind Brigade from Soujiro.

The CatastropheEdit

Being among the 30,000 trapped players, Nyanta was in Susukino when he noticed Serara being chased by members of the notorious PK guild Brigandia and immediately rescued her from harm's way. For a while, he kept her in a house he owned in Susukino, which prevented her from being detected by Demiqas' men while the two of them waited for a group from Akihabara to rescue her. While she went about cleaning the house, he went out to get food and keep an eye on the city's situation. Under his care, she came to realize that he was able to create flavorful food.

Saving Serara arc Edit

When Shiroe's Party arrives at Susukino, Akatsuki kept an eye on the area as Naotsugu guarded the entrance of their designated meeting area. Shiroe is surprised to see Nyanta with Serara, and they explain their past connection through the Debauchery Tea Party to her. As they left the city, they fearlessly lured Demiqas into accepting a duel against Nyanta, planning to teach the guild a lesson. Shiroe's strategic prowess and the former Debauchery Tea Party members' experience with each other's fighting styles allowed them to win without even communicating, with Nyanta reducing Demiqas' hitpoints to 1 (or simply killing him, in the light novel) with Round Windmill.

After successfully killing Demiqas and Londark, demoralizing the rest of Brigandia's men, Shiroe's Party, plus Nyanta and Serara, set off to return to Akiba.

Round Table Alliance arc Edit

During the return to Akiba, Nyanta revealed to the group the secret to Real Food Preparation, much to the shock of the other members of the group. As they travel back, seeing storm clouds approaching, they decide to stop at a village instead of pressing on.

The group enters a village, where Fedor welcomes Shiroe and his companions into his home and allows them to stay the night within the barn. During the night, Fedor visits the group and exchanges stories with them, listening to them talk about their adventures while reminiscing about his grandchildren's birth. The group then gives Fedor and his grandchildren some food as a token of their gratitude.

After returning to Akiba, Nyanta teaches the Real Food Preparation to the Crescent Moon Alliance's chefs, Girov and Second, while everyone in the Crescent Moon celebrates Serara's return. After the commemoration, Nyanta has a important talk with Shiroe that convinces him to start a guild and save Akihabara. This is the birth of Log Horizon.

Nyanta became the head chef of the Crescent Moon Refreshment Stand in Shiroe's plan to breathe new life into Akihabara. He later accompanies Shiroe during their reunion with Soujiro Seta, and astutely notes that Shiroe was hesitant about meeting their fellow Tea Party member.

During the Round Table Conference, Nyanta attends as Shiroe's adjutant and explain Shiroe's strategy to Serara. Later, he helps clean up their new guild hall and looks on as various people drop in to visit. When the group decides on having curry for dinner, he goes to buy ingredients but instead returns with Tohya and Minori, who want to join the guild.

Summer Training Camp arcEdit

Nyanta was assigned to be one of the teachers at the Summer Training Camp to teach young players and hone their battle skills. While there, he also served as the head cook and provided general info on the dungeon. He was in the Ragranda Forest team along with Naotsugu and Rezarick, while Maryelle and the other trainers were at the beach.

Return of the Goblin King arc Edit

While the Ragranda Forest group fights off abnormally large numbers of Goblins, Nyanta rides on his Griffon and observes an alarmingly large group of Goblins, numbering over a thousand. He reports his findings to Naotsugu and Rezarick, who discuss their next course of action.

Libra Festival arcEdit

During the Libra Festival Nyanta along with Serara visited the Linguini resturaunt where the both of them were enjoying the resturaunts dishes until an argument started with one of the People of the Land nobles and a waitress after she accidently stained his clothing. Several adventurers were annoyed with his insulting behaviour towards the waitress and his bigotrous insults towards the resturaunt, and a fight was going to ensue between the adventurers and the noble with his personal guard. Nyanta Intervined before things escalated and kicked the Noble out of the resturaunt reminding him that people in Akihabara have their own rules that everybody must abide by, the lander left in anger swearing he would get back at him. A little while later he contacted Shiroe about the incident and recommended that he should beef up security to avoid further incidents with the latter taking note of the incident but felt there is no need to escalate things as he has Naotsugu running around to report any other incidents and has the Black Sword Knights and D.D.D guilds available if any action is required.

Fallen Guardian arcEdit

Nyanta goes over to The Roderick Firm to see its guild master with a letter from Shiroe. Although the two guild masters had been corresponding frequently as of late, Roderick is confused by the contents of the letter, which asks for a catalog of all the items with flavor text. Nyanta himself does not know what Shiroe intends to do, but the both of them decide to discuss how to meet Shiroe's needs over a bowl of ramen.[9][10]

When Tohya and Minori want to stay in the city rather than help out at Seventh Fall, Nyanta correctly deducts that Tohya simply wanted to fight because there was no risk of permanent death for them, and reminds them that their ability as Adventurers to revive after death already gave them the "special treatment" that Tohya didn't want. As the children realize the meaning behind Nyanta's words, he explains that they shouldn't become too accustomed to their privileges as Adventurers.[11]

Route 43 arcEdit

While Tohya's Party embarks on the quest to acquire Dazaneg's Magic Bag, Nyanta secretly trails them to make sure that everything goes smoothly. However, during the trip, Mizufa of the Ten-Seat Conference wishes to spark a war between Eastal and Westelande, and launches an attack against the town of Saphir, where the kids were staying at.

She has the Lander Summoners under her use Nightshades summon to cause Wyvern hordes to head towards the city of Saphir, while they use EXP Pots to strengthen themselves. Just as she commands Londark to go forth, Nyanta intervenes and starts slaying all the Nightshades around him.

Nyanta argues with Londark, who explains that he didn’t care about his or Brigandia’s loss to Shiroe’s group, he could put that to the side. However, he just wanted to return home. There were things he left behind that he wants to return to. The Landers meant nothing to him, they were just fabricated existences. Nyanta, who suffered some great pain in the real world, can only pity him after realizing that there’s nothing he can say that will change Londark’s mind. Just as Londark was about to unleash a powerful spell, he’s killed from behind. Mizufa stabbed him with her sword, commenting that Adventurers are lucky to be able to leisurely die and revive, constantly in battle. Nyanta, really pissed off now, fights her while she mocks him. However, Kazuhiko then arrives, telling Mizufa to retreat because Nureha had given word to end the operation. Despite this, Mizufa continues to try provoking Nyanta, with him lunging at her, only to be stopped again by Kazu. Kazu uses the skill Exterminate to end the fight, with a power clearly beyond an Adventurers, and declares that he didn’t want the Chief to kill a Lander, then they leave.


Although Nyanta doesn't have any Phantasmal equipment, his power in a duel is right behind Krusty's and Isaac's.[12] Nyanta specializes in the traditional Dual Blade build, using two rapiers as his weapons. He very much emphasizes speed and debuffs, as seen in his duel against Demiqas.

Volume 2:Edit

Nyanta's item 1

Fairy King's Leather Belt (妖精王の帯革): Sword belt said to be tailor-made for the Fairy King's military uniform. Not only is it beautiful, but the design has been adjusted so that movement from withdraw to attack is smooth. Increases critical rate on preemptive attacks.[1]

Nyanta's item 2

Lapis Fly Wing Rapier (大瑠璃蜻蛉の翅剣): Production-class rapier that requires a large quantity of high level insect materials. It's flexible but is difficult to use for defense. Although it is hard to obtain, its beautiful jade color and the brilliance of its transparent plumes make it very popular amongst adventurers who want high performance weapons that are also beautiful.[1]

Nyanta's item 3

Cait Sith Boots (猫妖精のブーツ): Sturdy and supple long boots loved by the cat fairies. An Artifact-class reward received at the end of a long quest. Summons a small cat fairy when you click the heels together; it will also carry your items.[1]

Volume 10:Edit

Nyanta flash lindworm

Flash Lindworm: A pair of Phantasmal-class rapiers created from the White Dragon Lindworm, which were incarnated into meteor and lightning. It is characterized by its overwhelming attack power and gleaming white blade. When the damage markers are set off, it creates a beautiful effect.

Nyanta decorum of duel

Decorum of Duel: Elegant white gloves with a beautiful luster made from the “fourth-ranked Nue skin” of the Thunder Beast Nue. It provides an excellent grip and increases critical rate, as well as a significantly improving accuracy. It is also suitable at formal places.

Nyanta gentleman's silver watch

Gentleman's Silver Watch: A silver watch and chain, with a columbine flower relief on the lid. In the language of flowers, it means “Determined to win.” At a low chance, it can multiplex the main Swashbuckler skill Early Thrust. Gentlemen cats are also always punctual, nya.


  • The first part of his name, Nya, is Japanese for "meow," a sound that a cat makes. This may refer to his physical appearance in game.
  • Nyanta ranks right behind Krusty and Isaac in terms of a one-on-one duel, making him third best on the server. This prowess is proven in his duel against Mizufa, who has years of fighting experience and a love for war.
  • Nyanta shares a voice actor with BologneseMaster.[13]


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