Ooshima is a Dwarf Bard-Woodcrafter in Elder Tale.[1] Little is known about him beyond this.

His birthday is on May 29.[2]


Prior to the CatastropheEdit

Several years before the Catastrophe, he met Shiroe in Elder Tale. Though the two never became close, the two were fellow solo players.

Libra Festival arcEdit

At the end of the Libra Festival, Shiroe goes to a run-down area of Akihabara to meet with Ooshima, as he was going to give Shiroe information about Minami. However, when he arrives there, he finds Dariella instead, who had somehow acquired the information about their arrangement.

Since then, he has been missing. (It is possible that Nureha had him PKed and then blacklisted him from the Cathedral, thus denying his revival at least in the Yamato server.)



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