Pekopeko Pizza is a Fox Tail Assassin that was freed from Hamelin and is now a member of the Crescent Moon Alliance.


Because her tail is rounder and shorter than most Fox Tails', she is often mistaken for posing as a raccoon (even though a raccoon race doesn't even exist).


Akiba Guild Hall Raid arcEdit

Along with the other Hamelin rescuees plus Serara and Ashlynn, Pekopeko participates in the Akiba Guild Hall Raid. She is on Team D with Lelia Mofur, Kotaro, Yuzu, Death Gazer, and †...Seiya...†.[1]


She uses tons of disposable weapons in battle.[1]


  • While "pekopeko" (ぺこぺこ) makes the name alliterative, it is also an onomatopoeic word that means "starving," making a possible reading of her name "Starving Pizza."



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