Man, shut up. It was the Council's decision to monitor calls, remember?
—Quon, to Jered Gan in The Gold of the Kunie

Quon is a Ritian Bard and one of the Ten Seats of Plant Hwyaden. Prior to the Catastrophe, he worked for F.O.E. as an Elder Tale game master.

Appearance Edit

Quon is described to be a rather ordinary-looking person in a T-shirt and jeans, with his only fantasy-like clothing being the cloak he wore to keep himself warm. He's always tired and languid because he keeps himself awake, waiting for a possible GM Call.

Personality Edit

He seems to be a loose person without much skill. It seems as though he isn't very fond of his fellow Ten Seats, several of whom tend to pick on him (Jered Gan especially), and Quon reminds them that he's only there because they asked him to, due to his ability to receive GM calls.

Synopsis Edit

Prior the Catastrophe Edit

Quon was a game master working for F.O.E, which localized Elder Tale in Japan. Game masters had game avatars similar to Adventurers, and would investigate any reported game errors and mediate any disputes between players, the operating staff in the game world.

He did not log in from the special mainframe from the company, but was online from his home computer; that's why he was affected by the Catastrophe as well. 

Catastrophe arc Edit

He had neither the ability nor interest in becoming one of the seat generals, however, there was still a chance that he could contribute with his deep understanding of the game and was thus chosen to be one of the seat generals. 

Although most of his abilities as a game master had been sealed, he retained the "GM call," a game master ability that allows Quon receive pop up notifications of events happening within the Yamato server. However, since the Catastrophe, he has only received notifications for timed and triggered events. 

Gold of the Kunie arc Edit

Quon stats

Quon's status screen

He appears in the Ten Seats Conference, despite the fact that he doesn't like that the meeting was in the night. When Jered Gan taunts him about his connection to the "higher world" fading, he retorts that he was simply there because the leaders of Plant Hwyaden wanted him to.

Twilight Orphan arc Edit

Quon is the first of the Ten Seat Conference members killed by Kazuhiko, deemed to be too great a threat to Theldesia for his knowledge about Elder Tale. With the flavor text of Kazuhiko's katana, Rokudou Rin'ne, Adventurers killed by this blade will not revive, and will move on to another world of the reincarnation cycle. To Kazuhiko, this means that Quon will return to the human world (the real world), but without any memories of what has transpired on Theldesia. Quon bitterly laughs that he'll finally get some rest, and dies with the words "Have a nice day" after giving Kazuhiko his last premonitions about the Genius.[1]

References Edit

  1. Log Horizon web novel: Chapter 128


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