Our duty is about to achieve a success. We cannot leave the corridors leading to the sky. It's really fun to torment those actors that don't have self-awareness.
Rasphuia, Log Horizon Web Version: Kanami; Go East Chapter 079

Rasphuia (also incorrectly spelled "Lasphere") is one of the Travelers belonging to the Genius faction and is known as the Genius of Necromancy. She is one of the Genii of the First Hour. Up until her defeat and destruction, she was partnered with fellow Genius Papus.


Rasphuia is a blonde-haired girl who looks like a bisque doll wearing a Gothic dress. She has amethyst-colored eyes and a weird red 'Line' around the neck; it suggests that her head is freshly cut off and isn't actually attached to the body. In her light novel illustration, there is actually a cut on the right side of her neck, and her head isn't quite aligned with her body.


Although her looks and words are elegant, she hides behind them a cruel personality. Papus feels ill against Rasphuia's malicious joy in the massacre of the Adventurers, insisting that her personality is 'eroded by the avatar's communication dictionary'.


Along with Papus, Rasphuia attacks the Chinese server, wiping out the Lelang Wolf Cavalry that attempted to stop them. While Kanami's Party, sans Leonardo and KR, were engaging Papus' possessed monsters, she looked on from above by riding the Black Dragon. Leonardo and KR ride in on the Garnet Dragon, and Leonardo leaps off in order to tackle both Papus and Rasphuia to the ground.

While Papus lands closer to Kanami and her group, Rasphuia uses her insect-like nails to latch onto a tree near where Leonardo landed. As he braces himself for the fight, she climbs down the tree with movements clearly unlike a human's.

Leonardo eventually defeats her by using Parallel Plot so quickly, he completely destroyed her head before she could regenerate.



Rasphuia using her "Names"

She moves like an insect, using her long, sharp nails to climb up and down trees: in fact, her avatar’s motion is normally used for Giant-Ant type monsters. Her ability allows her to have multiple "Names", or souls, that take damage for her and almost instantly regenerate her when a body part is cut off.


  • In some translations of the Nuctemeron, Rasphuia's name is spelled Kasphuia.