Resolve is the sixth episode of the Log Horizon anime. It first aired on November 9, 2013.


Shiroe opens the episode by talking about guilds, and the benefits of being in one, such as better communication, access to the Bank, and the Guild Halls. During his monologue, shots of D.D.D, the Black Sword Knights, and Silver Sword are seen as examples of guilds. Upon the group's return to Akihabara, Maryelle is stroking Serara's head as Henrietta coddles Akatsuki, much to the latter's chagrin. He continues to explain how the Crescent Moon Alliance has a rank-B Guild Hall to accommodate the size of the guild as the party for Serara's return begins.

Serara's Return Party

Nyanta is teaching some of the chefs from Crescent Moon how to prepare tasty food, and explains how chefs still needed the proper cooking level to prepare more difficult foods. All the while, Serara is working diligently to serve the rest of her guild members as Asuka comments to Hien that the party was for Serara herself. Meanwhile, Naotsugu is talking to Shouryuu, and tells the younger Adventurer that level 90 meant nothing once it was reached, and the important part was what came after. It seems to be a serious conversation ... until Naotsugu tells Shouryuu that said "important part" was panties. Much to Shouryuu's horror, Maryelle joins them right afterwards, asking them what they were talking about. He gags Naotsugu by sitting on him as he hurriedly tells Maryelle that they were talking about powerful monsters. Right after he says that, Henrietta calls for Maryelle, and she leaves them alone.

Henrietta pulled Maryelle over to tell her to keep the discovery about tasty food a secret. Although Maryelle believed that they should share it with everyone, Henrietta tells her that it was too big of a secret to be openly spread around, because it would cause problems and because rivals would then get an edge over them. She then mentions that Shiroe told her that, as members of their guild approach him to thank him for saving Serara. Shortly afterwards, Akatsuki is seen in a separate room, clearly uncomfortable as Henrietta fawns over her. Henrietta gushes about how she has the opportunity to dress up not only Ashlynn, but Akatsuki too, summoning Ashlynn to pull in a rack of dresses for the Assassin to wear. Akatsuki attempts to escape by using Shiroe as a cover, only to discover that Shiroe gave Henrietta permission to dress her up, causing to scream "You sold me out, my lord!" in agony.

The Talk

The scene cuts to nighttime, and Maryelle and Shiroe are the only ones awake. Maryelle covers her sleeping guild members with blankets before the two of them go to Maryelle's room to talk. When she asks him what kind of job would be considered "big" to him, he diverts her question by asking her about the situation in Akiba.
Log Horizon 06 - No hunting for you

Smash and his gang are denied hunting grounds by Pororoca

Her face suddenly becomes downcast as she explains that the situation was better than it was—there was less PKing and the area was safer—but guilds were separated into strata, with the large and most influential guilds having the most say in everything, including priority at the marketplace and hunting at the best spots. She uses Krusty and D.D.D as an example, with Shiroe recognizing them as the group that defeated Oracle's Tower; a large guild, D.D.D has a larger influence over the "feel" of the town. As she talks, Smash and his group are seen sitting around Akiba without anything to do, and are waved off from hunting spots as they were taken by another guild. Although she believes that it's good that PKing has decreased as a result, she dislikes the way invisible barriers are being set up. At the same time, she believed that large guilds also had their own problems, and so nobody could be blamed for the situation. She bemoans her inability to have effected any change, having attempted to form an alliance between smaller guilds during Shiroe's absence but failing due to petty arguments. Akaneya Ichimonjinosuke and Woodstock W, who had attempted to help Maryelle, apologize for the failure of their attempt before leaving.

Maryelle then tells Shiroe about how the Black Sword Knights and Silver Sword were aiming to reach level 91, as the expansion had raised the level cap to 100. She looks down on the Black Sword Knights' exclusivity, wondering if it was Isaac's pride or a sadistic pleasure of excluding players that led him to only accept ones level 85 or above into his guild. As a result, unlike D.D.D, he couldn't just absorb smaller guilds—he would have to make his men stronger. To do that, however, they would normally have to fight monsters level 85 or higher. She then exposes the guild's method of getting to 91, which was using EXP Pots. It boosts attack power and health regeneration, double experience from combat ... and are only given to players under level 30. In order for new players to enjoy the game more thoroughly, they are provided an EXP Pots daily so that they can catch up with higher level players. However, the Black Sword Knights were acquiring EXP Pots by buying it from Hamelin, a guild that tricked newer players into joining, then extorting them for their EXP Pots and forcing them into battles or slave labor.


Shiroe walks in Akiba's streets while thinks about the situation of the city, realizing that everyone was responsible, in different ways, by the current situation. Shiroe has a flashback about Kanami that states that he can solve the problem.

In this moment Shiroe discovers that Tohya and Minori are some of the players that have joined Hamelin. There Minori is talking with Isuzu, that talks how Tohya have helped her in the last day and how Minori and Tohya are very close.

Back to Shiroe, he remembers that numeral guilds have invited him because of his status of veteran player what he hated, but he starts to think that it was just an excuse while listen some players talking about how they wanted that his guild master have some vision. In this moment Nyanta appears and they start to talk about guilds, for what Nyanta replies that the system facilitates the corruption of the guilds and that he understands Shiroe motives to stay away, however he states that there is something in the world that can go wrong he didn't believe in it. Nyanta continue to talk about how everything will perish one day, but don't like it is the same that don't like to live.

Nyanta speaks that he know that Shiroe knows about it and uses how a example the Debauchery Tea Party, that was a wonderful place because everyone made effort in it, in the same way that Crescent Moon does, because every treasure that is made without effort hasn't value. In this moment Shiroe ask Nyanta what to do, for what he reply that Shiroe must do the most amazing thing that he can do. In this moment Shiroe realizes that his friends were waiting for him.


Minori receives a call from Shiroe, that asks Minori to cough one time if the answer is "yes", two if the answer is "not" and three times with she wants to talk something. In this moment Shiroe question Minori if they are in the Hamelin, what she confirms, so he questions if they are giving their EXP Pots for the Hamelin, what she once again confirms.

In this moment Shiroe questions if they are fine, Minori coughs one, but in a silent crying coughs more two times, so Shiroe question if she wants to talk, however she doesn't answer and Shiroe start to talk that he was going to save them.

Log Horizon

Shiroe finds Akatsuki and Naotsugu waiting for him and goes talk with them. Later he goes to talk Maryelle, Henrietta and Shouryuu asking for the Crescent Moon Alliance help to make Hamelin leave Akihabara. Maryelle and Henrietta are hesitant, however Shiroe continue the explanation that this was just a little part and that he pretends to save all the city.

In this moment Shouryuu intervenes in favor of Shiroe because he wants to save the city too, so Henrietta questions what he wants from the Crescent Moon Alliance for what Shiroe answers that he need five million gold, for their surprise. Henrietta say that they don't have this money, while Maryelle try to understand for what Shiroe need this money, for what he answers that the money is the beginning and that he will need help of everyone to save the city, so we got to see Akaneya, Woodstock, Soujiro Seta and Krusty. So Shiroe ask again their help for his guild.

Maryelle and Henrietta got surprised when Shiroe mentions that Shiroe has now a guild, what makes Maryelle happy because Shiroe now has a place to call home, when Shouryuu questions what was the guild name. Shiroe remembers watch the horizon with Akatsuki, Naotsugu and Nyanta, before reveal the guild name: Log Horizon.