Retry is the eleventh episode of the Log Horizon 2 anime and aired on December 13, 2014. It adapts part of the fifth chapter of The Gold of the Kunie.


After spending a week making plans so that they might have a chance at victory against the three raid bosses, the Abyssal Shaft Raid Party tries again.


Once scouting out Ruseato (using Azalea's summons) and insuring that no other bosses were around, Shiroe and Naotsugu change into other armor. William gave a signal and Naotsugu ran out to the boss alone, using Castle of Stone to absorb the first hit. William then signaled the others to start the battle.

Shiroe starts giving orders and shows his skills at what he calls, Full Control Encounter. Only nine attack the boss and the rest focus on support. Federico muses that Shiroe has changed and is talking to everyone more than he had before and that all the members of the raid team are closer than they were before.


Ragoumaru using Zanketsuken

At Shiroe's order, Ragoumaru uses his Samurai skill Zanketsuken to cut through one of the bars that block the hallway beyond (and the other raid bosses). As Ruseato switches to White Knight mode, William gives the order and the raid party starts heading through the hole in the gate, lead by Party 2, while Party 1 acts as the rearguard, taking all of the Shadow Vanguard before following the others.

Shiroe's plan was to create a large enough opening in the gate for them to get through but so the boss couldn't follow (and hopefully wouldn't break down the door). They'd then go fight Ibura Habura alone and hopefully be able to make it to the goal just having to kill one raid boss.



Demiqas threatens Upashi

During the run to Ibura Habura's room, Demiqas reflects on what has happened since the Catastrophe. He believed that it was just a game and he could do whatever he wanted and everything would go his way. Then he was beaten by Shiroe, Nyanta and Naotsugu and realized that the world was undeniably real. He was destroying stuff in his anger and one of the Landers he had keep as a slave, Upashi, berated him about making a mess again.


Upashi stands up to Demiqas

She told him to move and that, with his big body, he was in the way. He threatens her and is about to punch her but freezes under her glare. She said he's all talk and he should just hurry up and kill her and if he wasn't going to kill her to move so she can clean up his mess. He backs down and agrees to move, beaten again (and at some point between then and the raid she became his wife). Then he lost to Silver Sword when then came to Susukino and his guild members left. He lost to the three raid bosses and then to William as a Guild Master, since he had lost but his guild hadn't abandoned him.

Ibura Habura


Fighting Ibura Habura

Upon reaching the Ibura Habura, Naotsugu jumps in and immediately uses Anchor Howl to draw the boss' attention. The battle then starts as everyone attacks the boss and buffs are focused on the current main tank, Naotsugu. Shiroe instructs Naotsugu to bring lure the boss away from the side with the corridor to the southwest wall. The tank uses Fortress Stance and does as Shiroe instructed.


Fighting Ibura Habura

Demiqas yells that he won't lose again as he attacks the boss and notices that Shiroe has buffed him yet again. Shiroe realizes that Ibura Habura was about to use an Area of Effect fire attack and William orders everyone to get back, but there's not enough time. Demiqas jumps in and uses the Monk skill Covering, which absorbs most of the damage of the attack and since Monks have higher elemental resistance and high HP, he was able to withstand it. This allows Naotsugu to be able to remain in the front lines since the damage was divided between them.


Tetora breaks the news that she's joining Log Horizon

The battle continues on and Tetora Aurora Heal to bring everyone's HP back up, which earns her praise from the Silver Sword members for her skills. After using her spell, Tetora clings to Naotsugu and the two playfully banter a bit, causing Silver Sword members to comment about them being carefree. Tetora tells Naotsugu she has something to tell him and then announces, in the middle of the battle, that she's joining Log Horizon. She says it's so she can play with him more, and that she has Shiroe's permission, to Naotsugu's mild displeasure.



Strategizing before the rematch

The battle seems to be going well when Tarutauruga shows up. However, this scenario had already been planned for. If they were able to keep each raid boss separated on either side of the room so that their attack areas don't overlap, they might be able to win. Dinkuron had let Naotsugu take the role of the main tank previously so he would be free to fight Tarutauruga. Dinkuron quickly runs to Tarutauruga and uses Castle of Stone while the Healers get into position. Naotsugu tied Ibura Habura to one side of the large cave and Dinkuron tied Tarutauruga to the other side. Tetora and Kawatarou Nakai acted as Naotsugu's dedicated healers, while Ukiyo and Touko healed Dinkuron. The other healers, Vuorinen and Odiso, would switch between the two, going to where they were needed.


Shiroe's new staff activated

At one point, Shiroe told Tetora to increase her healing output, but she couldn't so he opens he's staff and uses a spell called Force Step to decrease the cool down times for her spells for one minute. He then uses Mana Channeling to evenly distribute Party 2's MP so that she would have more MP. Vuorinen then uses Sequoia of Life, creating a large green tree which had shining leaves that healed the party at set intervals. Shiroe then does a spell called Karma Drive, which restores MP every time a critical hit is landed on Ibura Habura.


Shiroe's Full Control Encounter

Using his legendary Full Control Encounter, Shiroe had already planned out of who can do what, when, and exactly how long it would take to defeat Ibura Habura

Just then, however, something they hadn't planned for happens—Shadow Vanguard drop from above. Shiroe surmises that Ruseato damaged himself in order to create the Shadow Vanguard when he turned to White Knight mode. When it turns back, it harms itself again, with the help of the created Shadow Vanguard, creating even more of them when he returns to White Knight mode. Shiroe is unsure how many of them exist; there could be up to sixty-two of them.

Shadow Vanguard & Demiqas

Shiroe yells that someone should charge in and aggro the Shadow Vanguard, then use kiting to lure them away. Junzou volunteers but then Demiqas runs in and uses Wyvern Kick and Taunting Shadow to aggro the Shadow Vanguard. Everyone is surprised. Demiqas starts kiting but grabs Shiroe along the way. Shiroe fears that Demiqas decided to get his revenge now, sabotaging the raid. He then decides it might not be a bad situation and starts shooting spells at the following Shadow Vanguard as Demiqas drags him.


Demiqas and Shiroe kiting the Shadow Vanguard


"Say my name."

As the run through the corridors, Shiroe notes that he has no clue what Demiqas has planned and that he had never understood the Monk. When he sees the Shadow Vanguard have fallen behind, he orders Demiqas to stop and go back, but Demiqas doesn't listen. When he does stop, he throws Shiroe to the ground and demands that the Enchanter say his name. He says Demiqas' name and then they both agree that they don't like each other. Demiqas then throws Shiroe down a ramp so that he stops when he hits a door, then the Monk runs off, leading the Shadow Vanguard (which just caught up to them) away. Shiroe realizes that Demiqas had left him at the goal, the door to the deepest level of the Abyssal Shaft.


The depths of the Abyssal Shaft

Shiroe enters the room which is filled with falling gold coins. There is also a large raid boss, Uru of the Nine Prison, which was protecting Kinjo, Shiroe's ultimate end goal.



  • The anime transfers most of Federico's lines to the rest of Silver Sword, cutting out the detail that Federico had recently graduated from college and was entering the workforce.