The Revial Incense is a magic item that Shiroe uses in order to temporarily reunite Rundelhous Code's spirit with his body.


Revival Incense is contained within a special incense burner and will resurrect a dead ally or creature into a zombie for 3 minutes. However, for People of the Land, this is only considered as a temporary resurrection, and the subject will die again, unless an alternative means of revival is done.


Return of the Goblin KingEdit

While defending Choushi Town, Rundelhous Code is mortally wounded and is about to die. Due to the fact that he is a member of the People of the Land, he would not revive at the Cathedral, like the other Adventurers.

However, due to the efforts of IsuzuMinori, and Serara, his body was restored, though his spirit was already gone. With the arrival of Shiroe and his usage of the Revival Incense, Rudy's spirit was forced back into his body long enough for him to sign a Contract, thereby giving him membership within Shiroe's guild and the subclass of Adventurer, which saves his life.

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