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Roe2 sng ur

Class Rarity Role Type Attribute
Summoner Logo Summoner UR icon Attack Rearguard Fire icon
100 52800 61501 41860 42460
Attack Freaks[For one turn, lower an ally's defense by 80% and raise their attack by 100%. 4-turn cooldown.] (LV1)
Haste[For three turns, the targeted ally's normal attack will hit thrice. 9-turn cooldown.] (LV10)
Attack Summon 'Sword Princess: Al Quinje'[In 10 turns, a normal attack's damage is halved, but strikes 12 times. 30-turn cooldown.] (LV25)
Curse of Bind[For two turns, the target is silenced and has attack and defense debuffs. 5-turn cooldown.] (LV35)
Life Steal[Replenish your HP based on the damage you deal on the target. 6-turn cooldown.] (LV45)
Stats are based off of max evolution, max level unless otherwise noted. The Luck stat is not included, as it does not display on character previews.

UR Roe2 can be recruited by drawing the UR Staff Crystal Wood.

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