Shiroe, Krusty, Raynesia in front of thousands of Adventurers

The Round Table Alliance Expeditionary Force is an army of Adventurers under the Round Table Alliance's command during the Return of the Goblin King.


Return of the Goblin King arcEdit

At Akihabara, when Princess Raynesia asks for aid from the Adventurers of Akiba and a most touching speech, everyone accepted her request and made war cries. Krusty and Shiroe immediately established themselves as leader and strategist and gave orders for those who volunteered to gear up for war against the goblins and move out.

In preparation for the expeditionary force, Krusty led a blitz force to attack the rear by sea while Shiroe led the main force to face the rest of the goblin armies on the ground. The expeditionary group easily defeated the goblin hordes, with Krusty beating the Goblin General personally. Afterwards, the expeditionary troops secured areas and mopped out any remaining goblins left after the scattering of their forces. However, they did not defeat the Goblin King, reserving that for another event.


The expeditionary force has over 1,200 Adventurers, all high-leveled and their commanding officers are from well-known guilds like Krusty of D.D.D and Shiroe of Log Horizon.

They possessed a makeshift command center where Adventurer strategists and officers utilized their Telepathy to coordinate and contact with various combat units in the field of battle.

They divided their forces into three units: close-range combatants to serve as front-line troops, mages and healers provide combat support with offensive spells and healing for wounded men, and archers and marksmen provide ranged artillery support in the field of battle.

After their intial victory the force pushed north towerd East Fall and deep into goblin territory. Led by Krusty they aimed to crush the goblins completely and slay the goblin king himself. These plans were forced to halt after the disappearance of Krusty.


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