Round Table Conference is the 9th episode of the Log Horizon anime. It first aired on November 30, 2013.


Beginning the Conference

The Round Table Conference begins as the guild masters of Akihabara's most influential guilds gather at the city's Guild Building. Shiroe first announces that he seeks only to improve the city's living state, prompting the disinterest and departure of Silver Sword's guild master, William Massachusetts. Undisturbed, Shiroe continues his explanation of the conference's formation.

Elsewhere, the Hamelin captives prepare to escape as Tohya relays the plan to everyone else.

Problems with Akiba

Round Table Conference

Shiroe discusses the EXP Pot extortion campaign including Susukino's dire state with Black Sword Knights's guild master, Isaac, arguing the lack of laws in the world. D.D.D's guild master, Krusty, asks of a guild's fate should they refuse the laws, to which Shiroe proposes harsh sanctioning. However, Honesty's guild master, Eins, along with Isaac and Krusty, argue of the agreement's flaw should they refuse to cooperate, with Isaac even threatening to start a war. Shiroe then plays his trump card and reveals that he bought the Guild Building using the five million gold he obtained from the production guilds, and blackmails the guilds to gain absolute control of the conference. 

Escaping from Hamelin

Meanwhile, as the captives manage to escape the Hamelin Hall, Minori and Tohya are unfortunately captured by Shredder. They manage to escape by leaving the Hamelin guild hall and entering the Guild Building, where they are being welcomed by Shouryuu. Just after Shouryuu leaves to help Hien, however, Shredder manages to get to the Guild Building too, since his name hadn't been blacklisted yet, and he takes Tohya hostage. Akatsuki comes to their rescue, forcing Shredder to release Tohya with her signature kick. Even while being threatened by the angered Summoner, she nonchalantly sends his name to Shiroe, who puts him on the blacklist. Shredder is kicked out out of the building, where he is subsequently captured by Naotsugu and some other Adventurers.

Finally, as Shiroe makes one last pitch to the conference, Isaac demands to hear Shiroe's plan.