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"Shattered Wings" is the fourth of the Log Horizon 2 anime. It aired on October 25, 2014.


This episode starts with the a decorated Silver Leaf tree including a sign reading 5 days till Christmas. Members of the West Wind Brigade are discussing what they want to eat for the coming holiday.

Watermaple Consulate

Princess Rayneshia has been dressed in a sexy Santa outfit by Henrietta, Maryelle, Serara, and Rieze. When the princess questions the outfit, by asking wasn't Santa a man, Akatsuki confirms that was indeed the case. The other women punish Akatsuki by dressing her in
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a Racy Rudolf outfit. With both Akatsuki and the Princess in Christmas cosplay, Rieze appears to be on the phone to Krusty, but is only teasing them. Mikakage enters the room with and food cart loaded with a wide arrangement of deserts. Akatsuki and Rayneshia back in normal attire enjoy and praise the deserts. Henrietta asks Rieze when are the D.D.D. members due back. Rieze's answer indicates it will be after Christmas. This prompts Serara to notice Shiroe has not been seen lately. Henrietta covers with Shiroe is busy and doesn't really like events with crowds. As the group of lady Adventurers leave the Princess's residence Rayneshia thanks Akatsuki for coming everyday, Akatsuki embarrassed says it's her job and quickly leaves.

Akatsuki returns to the weapon shop and discovers the katana she has been admiring has been sold.

Henrietta and Rieze set out shopping together and discuss Akatsuki's odd behavior. They wonder if she is dissatisfied with her skills or if it's a lack of confidence.

Akatsuki rides out to a training area in an attempt to observe Overskills being used by one of the better combat guilds.

On top of the Log Horizon guild building Nyanta along with Tohya and Minori are preparing dinner. Using her Tracker skills Akatsuki suddenly appears and when told dinner will soon be ready just as quickly vanishes. Alone in her room she berates herself for being jealous of Minori. Expressing self doubt about not being strong enough to her master's ninja she sheds a single tear.

Rayneshia and Elissa are discussing the princess's day with the adventurers. As Elissa leaves she wonders if her mistress, having to always the perfect princess, can be herself.

In the D.D.D. camp Takayama Misa is trying to brief a bored Krusty. When questioned he denies being bored and leaves the tent. Misa remarks to herself that he is too easy to read.

In the Roderick research lab Nyanta reminds a absent minded Roderick he has missed lunch and it time for dinner. As they eat at an outside Raman stand they discuss the project being done for Shiroe.

After dinner Nyanta receives a call form Shiroe. Nyanta informs him he has just left Roderick and all's well and everyone is excited for Christmas. When asked, Nyanta tells Shiroe Akatsuki has been visiting the princess every day.

During a West Wind Brigade training match Soujiro Seta turns and looks at where Akatsuki watches from a hidden vantage point.