Shiroe of the Northern Lands is the first episode of the Log Horizon 2 anime. It corresponds with the first chapter of Log Horizon 7: The Gold of the Kunie, "Shiroe in the North".


The episode begins with a projection of fights to come: the Abyssal Shaft raid, Kanami's adventures, and fights against the murderer.

The scene then skips to Akiba, where the city is having a Halloween festival. While watching the Tug of War battle, Maryelle is held back by Nyanta, since she wanted to participate despite being the event coordinator. Serara, Tohya, Isuzu and Rudy, and Akatsuki participate in three different races. Serara wins her race, eager to attend the Pumpkin Party with Nyanta. Tohya is advised by Minori about how to get the target, which were floating phantoms holding baskets. Isuzu and Rudy participate in a one-legged race, although they get a late start because of Rudy's flowery prose. Akatsuki comes in first for the obstacle course, promising Shiroe that she would win. However, upon seeing Minori, who was cheering for her along with the other kids, she begins thinking about their rivalry over Shiroe.

When Nyanta asks Maryelle why they were having a post-Halloween celebration, she explains that because of an October event that occurred in Elder Tale, where all the monsters would drop pumpkins, there were way too many of them to deal with. As a result, Nyanta and other chefs would be cooking them


Trpg gang
  • Members of the Log Horizon TRPG replay can be seen in this episode. The black-haired Elf, Seine, is also part of the Water Maple Consulate raid party in the OP animation.
  • The entire first half of the episode is anime-original; the initial meeting with Kinjo was only mentioned, and Shiroe, Naotsugu, and Li Gan were already at the hut in the beginning of volume 7.
    • In the light novel, Shiroe made it a point not to let anyone, not even his other guild members or the Crescent Moon Alliance, know where he was going or what he was doing.