Skeletons are monsters in the MMORPG Elder Tale.


Skeletons are the most well known kind of Undead monsters. Formed when graveyard or dungeon bones are injected with a certain magical power, the Skeleton, with its body of bones, is very light and fast but has low durability. Often times equipped with the weapons and armors they used when they were alive, Skeletons are slightly stronger than an average fighter.[1]


Summer Training arc

Tohya's Party was formed during the beginners training camp by Naotsugu with the purpose to complete the dungeon Ragranda Forest, gain experience, and learn how to work together.

Their first combat was with a mob of Skeletons. The party wanted to approach them quietly, but Rundelhous Code stepped on a bone and alerted them of their presence. Tohya quickly reacted and rushed forward using his ranged skill Whirlwind Vacuum Slash to gain their aggro. Minori and Serara supported him with Purification Barrier and Heartbeat Healing. To finish it, Rudy used Orb of Lava, and with the help of one of Isuzu's supporting spells, he killed the rest of the Skeletons.

However, Tohya then rushed forward without checking for enemies and was promptly ambushed by a second mob of Skeletons, with a Skeleton Archer among them. While trying to alleviate Tohya, Rudy took too much aggro and became the new target of the Skeletons, leaving him unable to attack. Their formation in shambles, the only thing the group could do was run, leaving their first dungeon attempt a failure.

The party is later seen fleeing from a group of Skeletons yet again. After escaping them, Rudy starts complaining that in spite of their relatively high level, they still couldn't defeat the Skeletons. Although he initially blames the Healers for being unable to keep up, he quickly backs down, wondering if it was just him not training hard enough. Minori tries to speak her mind, but quickly backs down again.

Minori finally decides to speak her mind to the training group, she then goes on to say that she doesn't actually know any of them: what they liked, dislike, how their class worked. Each person began discussing their individual spells and capabilities. In the end, the team spent the entire day discussing strategies for fighting, which they would implement the next day.

When they enter in the dungeon once again they find five Skeletons, soon Tohya uses his skills to gain the aggro of the enemies, with this opportunity Isuzu and Minori attack the Skeleton Archer and Rudy finish it with Lightning Chamber. In this moment Serara uses Heal in Tohya that uses Samurai Challenge to keep the Skeletons attacking him, while Minori checks with there are other Skeletons in the corridor and confirms that it was empty.

Isuzu and Rudy join their forces to end the combat destroying the other four Skeletons marking the party first victory. Later they were able to clear the dungeon.


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