Skeleton Archer is a monster in the MMORPG Elder Tale.


A reanimated Skeleton equipped with bow and arrows, the Skeleton Archer is a formidable opponent with ranged attacks. With its hollow body structure, piercing attacks are likely to miss, thereby giving it an advantage against arrow attacks from Adventurers.[1] The most common counter-attacks are to either destroy them in close-combat, or use a wide-area ranged attack to guarantee a hit.

Synopsis Edit

Summer Training arc Edit

Tohya's Party was formed during the beginners training camp by Tohya with the purpose to complete the dungeon Ragranda Forest, gain experience, and learn how to work together.

Their first combat was with a mob of Skeleton. At first they had the advantage, however with the arrival of a second mob of Skeletons, that have Skeletons Archer with them, the party fails and run from the enemies.

After other losses Minori finally decides to speak what was in her mind to the training group, she then goes on to say that she doesn't actually know any of them: what they liked, dislike, how their class worked. Each person began discussing their individual spells and capabilities. In the end, the team spent the entire day discussing strategies for fighting, which they would implement the next day.

When they enter in the dungeon once again they find five Skeletons. First, Tohya used his skills to direct the enemies' Hate towards him; using this opportunity, Isuzu and Minori attack the Skeleton Archers and Rudy finished it with Lightning Chamber. At this moment, Serara used Heal on Tohya, who used Samurai Challenge to keep the Skeletons attacking him. Minori checked for other Skeletons in the corridor and confirmed that it was empty. Isuzu and Rudy joined forces to end the battle, destroying the other four Skeletons marking the party's first victory. Later they were able to clear the dungeon.


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