Smoking Lightning is a male Assassin and a former member of the now-disbanded guild Hamelin.


Smoking Lightning's gear is reminiscent of a stereotypical ninja's attire. Like the other leaders of Hamelin, he wears a red kerchief over his nose and mouth. His weapon seems to be a dagger or short sword.


Round Table Alliance arcEdit

Smoking Lightning makes a couple of appearances, and is the Hamelin member who notices the kids attempting to escape. Tohya uses Lanius Capture on him, forcing him to keep silent for 15 seconds. Once those 15 seconds were up, however, he yells out a curse, prompting several other Hamelin members, Shredder, included, to come out of their rooms to see what the commotion is about.

After finding that their access to the Guild Hall has been blocked off, Smoking Lightning is among those that are implied to have committed suicide in order to respawn at the Cathedral. With Akiba now inhospitable to them, he leaves with the former guild's remaining members.


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