The Eagle is a type of magical transport ship known as a Spirit Ship or Fairy Ship.


Like the Ocypete, the Eagle is a ship that does not rely on normal oars or sails to move across the waves. However, unlike the Adventurers' ship, this is a totally magical vessel with no engine to propel it. Apparently it uses mystic sails to efficiently capture winds and move it forward at high speeds. It seems to be modeled after a large trimaran. It boasts a large cargo hold, said to be able to carry up to 500 tons with climate control.

The Eagle is the Holy Empire Westelande's answer to the Ocypete.


The Libra FestivalEdit

In order to stir up chaos and weaken the authority of the Round Table Alliance by destroying its reputation, Lord Marves tries to undermine the administration by suddenly bringing in 500 tons of cargo aboard the Eagle for storage in Akihabara. In actuality, this was all a ruse, as the ship didn't have any cargo, and once Marves realized that the plan had failed, departed Akihabara immediately with his pride shattered.[1]


  1. Log Horizon anime, episode 25

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