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The Sword Princess is a powerful Combat summon monster in the MMORPG Elder Tale.

Overview Edit

Sword Princess are highly popular Combat summons in Elder Tale. As a result, many variations of this summon have been created.

Like other Combat summons, the Sword Princess will only appear for a moment to attack the enemy before disappearing. However, after the Catastrophe, it is possible to summon them outside of combat.


Sword Princess: Al QuenjeEdit

Bandicam 2015-03-03 20-47-32-542

Sword Princess Al Quenje, after being summoned.

This summon was used by Roe2 in the invasion of Saphir by Wyverns. It is an extremely powerful summon that originates from the Test Server and cannot be found elsewhere on Theldesia.

When summoned, this creature is capable of attacking multiple targets from great distances. It wields a harp, which it strums before each attack.

Sword Princess: Lance DisirEdit

Summoned by Shironiji during Operation Capture, Lance Disir (also incorrectly translated as Lance Damsel and Lance Diesel) is one of many Sword Princess variants.

Trivia Edit

  • Sword Princess: Al Quenje likely has ties to the Ruquinjé, as they both have the symbol of the Alv on the veils covering their faces.


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