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Swallow and Young Starling is the twenty-second episode of the Log Horizon anime. It aired on March 1, 2014.



Screenshot (375)

Maryelle, Nyanta,and Naotsugu.

From a rooftop Nyanta, and Naotsugu observe and comment about how Akihabara has becomes much more lively than usual as the Libra Festival,the first festival since the Catastrophe, nears. Also many of the craft guilds are making items just for the festival. Returning to the street the two encounter Maryelle who has bought so much it won't fit in her magic bag. With the two men in tow as shopping mules the three continue down the street discussing what they will do enjoy the festival. Elsewhere on the busy street Minori is holding a flyer for a cake eating event. Sitting alone looking at her guild's building Akatsuki holds a flyer for the same cake eating event.


Detached from the city's activities, Shiroe continues his work until a strong breeze scatters his papers across the room. Just as he cries out in frustration Henrietta enters the room. She suggests that he take time away from work to enjoy the festival with everyone. More firmly she reminds him he is the guild master of Log Horizon one of the lead guilds of the Round Table and as such he needs to appear at the festival. Distracted by the doll of Akatsuki the girl gave her in self defense Henrietta dances out of the building lost in her own fantasy world. Trying to return to work he's surprised by Akatsuki emerging from hiding under his desk. They move to roof top table to eat the red bean buns Akatsuki has brought. As they eat she tries to
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Decisions, decisions

invite him to the cake eating event only to be interrupted by Minori showing him the flyer for the event. Akatsuki and Minori talk over each other till they realize they have both invited Shiroe to the same couples cake eating contest.

Nothing to Wear

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While Minori is trying to decide what to wear for the event Isuzu enters her room with news of a pre-festival dance. Minori explains to Isuzu that she intends to use the contest's reward, an invitation to Rayneshia's Twilight Dinner Party, to improve the public's trust of Shiroe, which had been wavering as of late. Akatsuki alone in her room realizes that she has no "cute" clothes for a "date". After she comes to the conclusion she needs help to chose an outfit Henrietta across town feels her need. Cringing from the thought of Henrietta's "help" Akatsuki decides to go elsewhere. Across town in Charasin's office he and Michitaka are discussing the shear amount of work involved in putting on the festival. Looking up Charasin sees Akatsuki hanging on the ceiling. Dropping to the floor she announces "I require....Fashion".


The next day, Shiroe participates with both Akatsuki and Minori and the former receives a
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large amount of envy from the other participants for bringing two girls, which only escalates when Akatsuki and Minori begin competing with each other for his attention. However, the trio end up failing the contest thanks to Kanako's machinations, and while mulling over the day's events atop Log Horizon's headquarters, Shiroe decides to better utilize his time with his guildmates, recommending the shop to harem master Soujiro Seta before doing so. Akatsuki then joins him and they have an awkwardly brief conversation where she shows her feelings for him despite Shiroe's obliviousness. At the same time, Minori catches them and runs away with a broken heart after admitting her feelings for Shiroe to herself. However with encouragement from Tohya, Minori realizes that since she has yet to do anything about her feelings, she has no reason to be sad. 


  • The Crunchyroll subtitles call this episode "Swallow and Young Starling" opposed to simply "Swallow and Starling" from the novel (the kanji are the same for both, though.)