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The Abyssal Shaft is the third episode of the Log Horizon 2 anime. It aired on October 18, 2014.


Shiroe explains raid party formation and tactics as the Abyssal Shaft Raid Party  fights their way through the dungeon. He also explains that the monsters in raid areas are stronger and drop rare items that can be made into special items. Most of the party is getting to learn to work well together, except for Demiqas, who is fighting without regard for teamwork or welfare of others.

Vendémiaire 2


The first raid boss they encountered was Vendémiaire of First Prison. Recognizing it as a reskin of a boss from Nine Prisons of Helios, they know a bit of what to expect. However, it unleashes a new skill that comes as a shock to the raid party, and it was much fiercer than before. Many members were either killed or were knocked out of the zone, forcing the party to retreat several times and reattempt the raid battle. While they never completely wiped out, they had come close to it.

El Raida of the Fifth Garden

The next raid boss they encountered was El Raida of the Fifth Prison. It took a dozen attempts to finally defeat her.



  • The raid battles in this episode were not depicted in the light novel, only mentioned.
  • Appearances of Vendémiaire and El Raida are changed in anime. In the light novel, Vendémiaire is a winged snake, and El Raida is a white horse.