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The Forest of Ragranda (ラグランダの杜(もり), Raguranda no Mori?) is the twelfth episode of the Log Horizon anime. It first aired on December 24, 2013.


The events of this episode take place in the Ancient Palace of Eternal Ice where the representatives of the Round Table Alliance are, and in the Ragranda Forest where the training camp continues.

The Ball

Shiroe and Henrietta

Shiroe and Henrietta impress everyone with their dance.

As the ball continues, Duke Serjiad Corwen invites the Round Table representatives to participate in the dance due to the People of the Lands' expectation. Krusty  nominates Shiroe to participate and with the help of Henrietta's Bard class, they quickly impress the entire ball. Afterwards, Minori calls Shiroe to inform him of their dungeon training and he reminds her of his teachings.

The next day, Shiroe explains that the People of the Land will compete with each other over dealings with the Adventurers in order to obtain their fighting and technological power. They will do so by trying to put them into their debt. He then proposes that they create rules to protect the Round Table Alliance while the People of the Land will inevitably start approaching their guilds individually. Shiroe orders Akatsuki to keep an eye on them as preparation. 

Training Camp


The group enters the dungeon.

Elsewhere, the training camp makes their way to the Ragranda Forest and split up into groups. Although the groups are provided time to discuss strategies, Minori has trouble speaking her mind in a group with Tohya, Rudy, Isuzu and Serara after Rudy and Tohya decide to forgo strategy in favor of just forcing their way through. Eventually the group encounters some Skeleton monsters and familiarize themselves with their teamwork. Despite their best attempts however, they are quickly overpowered by the next wave of monsters and make a tactical retreat, much to the group's embarrassment.

Back at the Ancient Palace of Eternal Ice, Krusty introduces himself to Rayneshia.