The Outlaw and Mithril Eyes is the second episode of the Log Horizon 2 anime. It adapts the second chapter of Log Horizon 7: The Gold of the Kunie, "Palm Again," and part of the first chapter of LH 6: Lost Child of the Dawn.


Shiroe, Naotsugu, and Li Gan arrive at Susukino, where Shiroe splits off from the two to talk to William Massachusetts to recruit Silver Sword's assistance in the Abyssal Shaft raid. Before Shiroe even tells William about the details of the request, he accepts it because it would be "rude" to turn down the request after Shiroe had made the whole journey up to Susukino to find him. However, William then informs Shiroe that the guild was also on a hiatus due to a shortage of members; out of the guild's 220 members, many had either left the guild or simply quit raiding due to the effects of death. When asked if it was because of memory loss, William denies it, saying that the memory loss itself was inconsequential, and then asks Shiroe if he had ever died after the Catastrophe. After being told that he hadn't, William has difficulty explaining why the other members had given up and simply states that if he dies, he would understand how they felt.

Meeting Tetora

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Meanwhile, Naotsugu and Li Gan are discussing how Naotsugu is looking for more teammates and observing the city when they hear a muffled cry from Tetora, who had landed face-first into a pile of snow. As Naotsugu and Li Gan exchange comments about Tetora's appearance, specifically her hot pants, several large icicles fall, almost hitting Naotsugu. He declares this to be Akatsuki's Curse. The scene cuts to Akatsuki throwing daggers at targets bearing Naotsugu's crude image. Intrigued Li Gan asks for details. Finally extracting herself from the snowbank, Tetora declares the world is saved from despair because she is unharmed. After recovering from disparaging remarks Tetora introduces herself.

Guild Masters

In the middle of Shiroe's talk with William, Demiqas intrudes, seeking a rematch against Shiroe. However, William threatens to kick his ass again, and after exchanging a few more barbs with Shiroe, Tetora, Naotsugu, and Li Gan walk in while Tetora reveals how far Demiqas had fallen from his former glory. Tetora tells how Brigandia, Demiqas's guild has lost half its members and even Londark has quit and headed west. Shiroe and some other Silver Sword members, including Ragoumaru, Junzou, and HighlandSky, listen into the conversation with amusement, particularly when Tetora begins talking about Demiqas' wife. Upon noticing his presence, he loses his temper and throws Shiroe away, using Phantom Step to try and kick her. However, Naotsugu casually blocks the kick, claiming that he has been kicked harder. William announces with Shiroe, Naotsugu, Tetora and Demiqas they have enough members for a full raid party.

Depth of Palm



TRPG anime2
  • At the beginning of the episode, the Adventurers seen are from the TRPG. Specifically, each one represented a different class in the TRPG Rulebook.
  • Chronologically, this is not the first time Tetora has landed-face first with her rear end sticking out. She did it once during William and Isaac's duel, interrupting them before they could finish. Aware that William was heading to Susukino, she decides to follow Silver Sword.
  • There were several changes made in the anime from the light novel chapters.
    • After Demiqas asks Shiroe what kind of meat he likes, he replies in the light novel that he preferred tofu, prompting Demiqas to respond that he'll be as nice and soft as tofu once he's done with him.
    • During Demiqas' and Shiroe's argument, Shiroe notes that the Landers aren't afraid of him anymore. In the light novel, after some Silver Sword members dismiss an employee, he notices four pairs of Werecat Landers' ears sticking out from behind the bar, where the were watching the scene unfold.
    • Akatsuki does not pass Enbart Nelles on the way to Amenoma in the light novel; the first time he sees her is during their first fight in Christmas Eve.