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The Sorcerer's Apprentice ("Student of the Mage" in the Crunchyroll version of the anime) is the 23rd episode of the Log Horizon anime.


Early in the morning on the second day of the Libra Festival, Minori resolves to help Shiroe in any way she can. During breakfast, the guild discusses what they would be doing that day; Shiroe would once again be doing paperwork, Akatsuki and Naotsugu would patrol the festival, Nyanta would help out with the Crescent Moon Alliance, and Isuzu and Rudy would be wandering the booths (or, in Isuzu's words, "walking the dog.").

At the same time, Minori begins to use her Apprentice subclass to help Charasin account for the festival's finances. Elsewhere, Nyanta peacefully kicks a rowdy Person of the Land out of a restaurant and reports the matter to Shiroe. While the Black Sword Knights and D.D.D work on maintaining order during the festival, they resolve more disputes involving the People of the Land. Isaac and Krusty then discuss Shiroe's traits and agree that he works his best when for the good of others. After putting a stop to yet another rowdy People of the Land, Shiroe finally notices the strangeness of the People's behavior and after Minori reports inconsistencies in the festival's paperwork all resulting from errors by the People, Shiroe confirms that the city may be under attack and makes haste for the Guild Building while disgruntled at his own carelessness. Meanwhile, a vessel called the Spirit Ship Eagle led by the sinister-looking Lord Marves prepares to make contact with Akihabara.


  • This episode is adapted from the chapter "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" (魔法使いの弟子). For unknown reasons, Crunchyroll translated it as "Student of the Mage".