"The Two of Us Shall Waltz" is the twenty-first episode of the Log Horizon anime. It aired on February 22, 2014.

Unlike the other episode titles, it does not coincide with its corresponding light novel chapter because most of the episode was only briefly mentioned in the original source.


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Palace at Night

The episode opens with an overhead view of the Ancient Palace of Eternal Ice at night. Inside, Shiroe is seated, working, at one end of a long table. Akatsuki, kneeling on the table at the other end, asked if he would attend the party. He responds that he doesn't like fancy events and would let Krusty handle it.

At the party, Krusty is in the center of a small group of Landers, being praised for the victory over Goblin forces. He responds that is was team work between the People of the Land and the adventures that brought success. Princess Rayneshia watches this exchange with two ladies, becoming more and more agitated with each compliment given to him. Elsewhere at the party, members of the Crescent Moon Alliance are enjoying the food and talking to Nyanta. Several Lander children run by, looking for Akatsuki, the "Queen of Hide and Seek". Shouryuu mentions that it is too early for a victory celebration, but Nyanta explains the politics of the situation. Maryelle has just given Isuzu permission to leave the Crescent Moon Alliance so she can join Log Horizon. While Isuzu thanks Maryelle, Rudy ruins the moment with his nonsense. Henrietta is on the hunt for the no-show Shiroe after telling Nyanta and Naotsugu that it wasn't okay for him to be missing. Hearing Henrietta calling for him, Shiroe makes a hasty retreat into the night, leaving Akatsuki behind to fall into Henrietta's amorous clutches.

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The mysterious woman vanishes

Outside, Shiroe receives a call from Ooshima, informing him of the Demon Festival of Suzuka Gate in the west. On his way to consult with Li Gan, Shiroe hears a woman telling a story to a group of children. He is shocked that is a retelling of how he transformed Rudy from a Lander to Adventurer to save his life, since it was supposed to be a secret. Finishing her story with a promise of more later, the mystery woman vanishes into the shadow of a archway.

Shiroe is surprised when Li Gan congratulates him for creating a new world class magic, who explains he felt (and saw) the event when it happened. Li Gan adds that he has also felt the same power from the west. They also recount the situation in Susukino, which had yet to recover from being taken over by Brigandia. In the months since Shiroe's Party rescued Serara, several armies led by Isaac had removed those who wished to leave Susukino. Still, about 200 Adventures stayed or came from other cities after hearing about the situation there.

Back at the party, a trio of Adventurers are standing on the main staircase telling the crowd about the Goblin General battle, while Krusty and Naotsugu commented that the trio didn't know about the memory loss; as far as they knew, only key personnel on the Round Table Alliance have been told about the memory loss. Meanwhile, Shiroe, lost in thought, was found by Henrietta, although it is unknown what she does with him.

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At the party, Krusty invites Rayneshia to dance. As they dance, she remembers to a conversation between her and Serjiad Corwen. He tells her that she alone is responsible for the Adventurer's involvement in the war and the kingdom will not be providing any compensation to them, then informing her that she will be the ambassador to Akiba. Krusty brings her out of her thoughts with his apparent mind-reading ability, saying being an ambassador isn't too bad, and she will be able to return to her lazy lifestyle. As she is imagining a life of leisure, he brings he back with a comment on how she sabotages herself.

Across the room, Serara explains to Nyanta that, no matter how much she wanted to, she wouldn't be able to join Log Horizon due to her duties in the Crescent Moon Alliance, something he understands and complements her for making a wise choice. Then he asks her to dance, which she gladly accepts.

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As Minori crosses the room, she hears rumors about Shiroe; how he manipulated Rayneshia and how he shouldn't be in the Round Table Alliance. Shiroe and Akatsuki are finally at the party. Akatsuki, now uncomfortably attired in a party dress, tells Shiroe how lately she has felt useless being unable to help him. Shiroe tries to comfort her, telling her that without her by his side, he wouldn't have been able to accomplish anything.

As the band starts to play the theme from Elder Tale, Maryelle drags Naotsugu onto the dance floor. Rudy also invites Isuzu to dance, after briefly seeing him as a cute dog, she accepts. Henrietta accepts a dance invitation from Serjiad Corwen. Finally, Shiroe asks Akatsuki to dance, although she hesitates, saying she doesn't know how to dance, although he points out that she had been practicing before. When she agrees to dance, he admits to being a beginner. The scene cuts to the outside of the place as Akatsuki asks, "My Lord, is this a dance?" and Shiroe replies "I'm not sure what this is".

Several days later, Rayneshia is welcomed to Akiba with banners and crowds of admirers. As we see scenes of life in Akiba, Shiroe explains that instead of making an announcement about the loss of memory during revival, he's spread the information in the form of a rumor.

As Minori, is out shopping she hears more rumors of Shiroe as some sort of lying schemer. Later at night she, is alone on the top of Log Horizon guild house, reading her notebook. When Shiroe approaches and asks if there is something she doesn't understand, she almost confesses her feelings, but instead asks about her skills

Next day, around the Silver Leaf Tree, several members of Log Horizon and Crescent Moon are gathered. Henrietta, while holding and stroking Akatsuki like a doll, is explaining how Maryelle, along with the crafting guilds, wants to hold an autumn festival. When Maryelle states the festival will be in two weeks the others are shocked at the short notice. Maryelle says not to worry, she will be the strategist for the event as she mimes "Air Glasses". Finally, she announces the event will be called the Libra Festival.