The Thirteen Chivalric Orders is an organization of powerful Ancients in Elder Tale. Each Order is tasked with guarding Elder Tale's servers and can be either a quest giver, an ally of Adventurers, or be in need of rescue. Sometimes, if the Adventurers failed to clear an event quest within a certain time limit, such as the Return of the Goblin King, the Ancients would step in and resolve the situation.

After the Catastrophe, all of the Orders disappeared, having been eradicated by the Genius. The only known survivor is Elias Hackblade. In the League of Freedom Cities Eastal, the nobles attempted to hide this fact until it was revealed to the Round Table Alliance representatives by Rayneshia.

Known OrdersEdit

  • Izumo Knights - Japanese server
  • Wen Keepers - North American server
  • Jade Knight Order - Greater China server
  • Red Branch Knights - Northern European server

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