• Well, I'm not sure if calling them "stats" is accurate, but these are different parameters that have been mentioned throughout the novels. This info was gathered by a friend of mine for helping me write a fan fic, but I'm not sure where to put this on the Wiki.

    Copy-pasted from Probably slightly outdated since it doesn't take into consideration parts of volume 7 or anything from 8-10.

    • Health
    • Mana
    • Strength [v2 Tohya]
    • Stamina [v4 Krusty]
    • Wisdom/Intelligence [v7 Shiroe] (The characters used mean both. Bit annoying since both are normal stats in an MMO.)
    • Critical Rate/Chance [v2 Nyanta & Tohya]

    -- Weapon, Ability, Spell, Healing Crits --

    • Critical Damage [v3 Shoryu]
    • Luck [v1 Akatsuki]
    • Casting Speed [v1 Shiroe]
    • Carrying Capacity [v3 Rundelhaus]
    • Movement Speed [v5 Charasin]
    • Evasion [v5 Charasin]
    • Physical Defense [v1 Serara]
    • Magic Defense [v1 Akatsuki]
    • Recovery [v3 Shoryu]
    • Healing
    • Attack/Damage
    • DPS
    • Accuracy/Hit Chance
    • Parry
    • Block
    • Accuracy [v2 Henrietta]
    • Spell Range [v2 Minori]
    • Cold [v2 Henrietta]
    • Flame [v5 Isaac]
    • Lightning
    • Nature
    • Magic
    • Light/Holy
    • Darkness
    • Poison
    • Debuffs [v2 Maryelle]
    • Stuns/Snares/Movement Inhibition [v1 Shiroe]
    Abilities, Weapons, and Items
    • Attack Power/Damage [v4 Krusty]
    • Spell Power/Magic Damage [v6 Rieze]
    • Attack Speed [v5 Isaac]
    • Hate [v1 Akatsuki]
    • Durability [v2 Michitaka]
    • Weight [v3 Rundelhaus]
    • Crafting Quality [v2 Michitaka & v6 Mikakage]
    • Life Steal [v7 Demiqas]
    • Increase Gold Drop [v5 Charasin]
    • Cooldown
    • Revival Speed [v7 Shiroe]
    • EXP Loss [v7 Shiroe]
    Mounts & Pets
    • Affection/Trust/Loyalty [v3 Rundelhaus]
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